Intranet and extranet: towards an extended organisation of the Digital Workplace

For many organisations, the Covid-19 health crisis has highlighted the need to review ways of working. If internal collaboration is of course essential to maintain activity, maintaining the link with external stakeholders is just as crucial. This is the whole point of extended collaboration, which aims to facilitate collaboration between the members of an organisation and their interlocutors outside the structure: partners, suppliers, customers, etc.

Three organisations explain how their intranets and extranets enable them to meet the challenges of extended collaboration (*).

A platform to bring together professionals within the same sector



The ARS PACA (Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Regional Health Agency) has launched a portal to bring together nearly 5,000 health professionals: hospital staff and liberals of course, but also prevention managers, environmental health experts, etc.

"It's a collaborative working platform, with easy and practical tools dedicated to health actors in the PACA region. It's quite an ambitious project because we realised that several projects were emerging at the same time within the ARS, so we grouped them together. We have an intranet part, an external part and a social learning part, each of them communicating with the others via the platform," says Cyprien Vincent, digital project manager at the ARS PACA, specifying that the tool now offers many functionalities: holiday management, news from the network, creation of collaborative spaces, chat, document versioning, etc. "We have also developed a new tool for the ARS PACA region, which will be used to manage our projects."

Encouraging openness in order to fluidify processes with suppliers


At La Redoute (Galeries Lafayette Group), the Jalios solution initially used to overhaul the RWays Intranet was quickly deployed for RCli, a portal dedicated to customer relations. Thanks to this tool, 1,050 advisers have access to a large knowledge base and can easily redistribute it, in addition to being able to provide customer feedback.

A third portal, this time reserved for suppliers, has also been set up. RBook thus enables the 1,450 suppliers who use it to access a relevant knowledge base, create labels or be put in touch with contacts from a specific directory. "Today, it is an environment that brings together around 4,500 people around the world, in very well-secured conditions. Our integrators have found a way for any newcomer to be automatically pushed to the right platform. The users are very well trained and have a clear tool", underlines Maxime Segard, Corporate 2.0 Manager at La Redoute.

Access to a wide range of services dedicated to members



The CFDT, the French union leader with 630,000 members, also chose the Jalios platform as part of a global overhaul of their Information System to address activists in companies or in administration, and activists in the organisation (attached to the CFDT).

"We opened pilot communities from 2014 on interesting issues, shared at the level of professional fields, to organise transversality at the territorial level while paying attention to the community's ownership and management," recalls Patrice Salsa, CFDT's CIO. "In 2018, these communities were connected to the members' reference system, which became the entry point to the CFDT's digital offer for activists and members. »

Today, the 135,000 CFDT members who have activated their account have access to a wide range of services: the "Reply to the card" module (a one-stop shop for responding to Internet users' requests), information feeds, personal data, CNAS (Caisse nationale d'action sociale), groups and collaborative spaces, etc. These are all functionalities and concrete use cases that demonstrate the many possibilities offered by the various tools for effective extended collaboration.

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(*) Quotes from the Round Table "Between Intranet and Extranet" organised by Jalios on 2 December 2020 on the occasion of the Digital Workplace Days. To view the replay, click here.

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