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Free up speech within your organization with Jalios Blogs where everyone can share news, inform about the progress of a project and more !

  • Your managers want to communicate on the progress of a project?
  • Your employees want to get involved and express themselves?
  • You want to give them a voice, but in a controlled and easy-to-implement framework?

Provide your employees with personal or team Blogs. These blogs are clearly identified as not being the responsibility of the communications department. The posts published are the sole responsibility of their authors, who can express themselves without frustration and without creating an additional workload for the communication department.

The Blog module allows you to create a simple editorial space to publish posts.

There are 2 types of Blogs:

  • Personal Blogs: all posts are contributed by a single author. Blogs are then part of the Blogosphere.
  • Thematic or team Blogs: several authors contribute posts. Blogs are then associated with a collaborative space.

Key features:

  • Blog creation with or without creation request workflow
  • Publication of posts
  • Rich text with multimedia content
  • Thumbnail of posts for display in tooltips, portals, etc.
  • Publication workflow
  • Valuation of posts in the enriched profiles of their author
  • Dedicated smartphone view
  • Blog app view displaying all blog posts, with search and filter functions (author, blog, etc.)

Personal blog (blogsphere) features:

  • Possibility to accept the terms of use when a person accesses the blog for the first time
  • Possibility of automatic creation of the "Blogosphere"
  • Management of the members of the blogosphere who can create their own blog
  • Management of the "Blogosphere" rights (groups, categories, activation of types, workflows)
  • Members can manage the workflow of their blog posts

Thematic blogs (collaborative spaces) features: 

  • Blog posts are space restricted and visible only to participants
  • Opening a space blog directly from the space
  • Valuation of blog posts on the dashboard of the space
  • Any participant writer of the space can publish posts in the blog of the collaborative space

What customers like about Blog

  • A personal blog or a collaborative space can be opened in a few clicks.
  • This simplicity of creation reinforces the dynamics of employee engagement and the creation of a sense of belonging: each employee can have his or her own blog to communicate informally.
  • A blog opening policy can be set up according to the defined governance.

The integrated user experience:

  • Blog posts are full-fledged JPlatform content and are therefore perfectly integrated with other applications.
  • They benefit social features such as like, comments, bookmarks, reading lists, etc.
  • They are subject to rights and thus respect privacy rules.
  • The cross-search also brings up blog posts.
  • The advanced search can be filtered by blog or blog post.

The valorizarion of publications:

  • The apps view provides an overview of the blog posts on the platform.
  • The blog posts are displayed as a card with a thumbnail image and important information such as author, publication date, title, likes and number of comments.
  • All blog posts can be displayed on the homepage or in a personalized portal.
  • They are also highlighted on the author's profile page.