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Annuaire unifié

Avec l'annuaire unifié, retrouvez rapidement la bonne personne et contactez-la directement !

Are you missing information and looking for the right person to contact to get it?

Thanks to the unified directory, you can now find a collaborator according to his or her name, first name, and title, but also his or her position in the organization chart as well as by his or her skills.

You can directly access the person's profile with all the information and means to contact them quickly.

Directory features + enriched profile:

  • Search for employees: by name, title, function, location
  • Search for a person by the organization chart
  • Navigate and zoom in the organization chart
  • Do cross-searches (skills, text, ...)
  • Immediately access the employee's information, including viewing hierarchical relationships via the organization chart
  • Access the different ways to contact the person:
    • Phone
    • Horizon / Teams / Skype
    • Social networks
  • CSV export

Others keys features:

  • Synchronization of data with the company directory
  • Ability to create external contacts
  • Enriched skills and profile

What customers like about Unified Directory

  • All information in one place:

With the unified directory, you no longer need to search for information in multiple places. The directory is synchronized with the corporate directory and the information is enriched by the people.  For example, use the skills provided by the ESN module.

  • Several search mode:

You can search for an employee by name, or find a person who matches my search criteria by skills, according to the organization chart.