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With JProcess, make your employees procedures more fluid, save your teams time and reduce your environmental impact by eliminating paper and significantly reducing your emails and downloads. 

  • Do you want to make your Human Resources department more efficient?

The JProcess module allows you to automate the numerous administrative and time-consuming procedures(change of marital status, address, bank details, etc.) handled by this department so that it can focus on its core business.

  • Do you want to streamline employee requests for equipment and logistics?

The JProcess module allows you to create as many forms and validation workflows as there are types of existing requests. Your employees access the form from your Digital Workplace, then fill in the proposed fields with the possibility to upload attachments. Once the form is submitted, the manager is notified and the request follows the planned path, with real-time tracking of the progress for both the stakeholders and the requester.

The JProcess module offers a simple drag and drop interface to create a question form for which a submission workflow must be defined.

The following features are available:

  • CSV export of submissions
  • Export / Import of existing forms
  • Validation of question data in the form of value bounds or regular expressions
  • Addition of sections and page breaks
  • Conditional chaining (with additional rules on the status of the submission workflow)

Collaborators can make their requests in the JProcess application by clicking on the "Make a request" button:

  • Access to a list of available forms
  • Choice of a priority
  • Completeness of the fields
  • Possibility to upload attachments
  • Display of a summary page
  • Access to the status of requests with the possibility to modify and comment
  • Access to the history of requests

The participants in the submission workflow are alerted via the channels previously selected in their profile (email, notification center, chat, SMS) for action on form submissions.

What customers like

  • JProcess mean the end of tedious and time-consuming administratives taks that are sources of errors:

With JProcess, you automate many processes (HR, sales management, logistics...) to save time, reduce processing times and limit the risk of errors. Your teams will gain in efficiency.

  • Autonomy for the management of forms :

With JProcess, all business units can create as many forms as necessary in total autonomy without having to resort to developments. 

  • Improve service to employees:

With JProcess, employees submit their requests or fill in business forms within a simple and intuitive interface. Requests follow a submission workflow that alerts each stakeholder of the action to be taken for easy processing, sharing and real-time monitoring. The data submitted is reliable and can be easily modified in case of error.

Thus, the service provided is improved for an optimized employee experience.  

  • Mobile access