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Save time every day with Horizon, your secure enterprise chat solution integrated with the Digital Workplace!

  • You need a quick answer, but you don't want to disturb your employees?

Less intrusive than the phone, chat allows you to ask a collaborator in real time and get, if available, an instant answer.

  • Are you tired of receiving and sending emails for what seems like details that could be handled more easily and quickly if everyone was in the same room?

Horizon allows you to virtually bring your employees together in a room to share more efficiently.

  • Do your employees use consumer chat solutions for business exchanges?

With Horizon, you can make your employees' daily lives easier and encourage the use of chat, without compromising security or your IT strategy.

Horizon offers your collaborators all the instant messaging functionalities to exchange with one or more collaborators, at any time from your Digital Workplace: 

  • 1 to 1 conversation (with the possibility to hide them) or with several people
  • Dedicated application accessible from the Digital Workplace
  • Continuity of exchanges on all devices: PC, tablet, mobile
  • Notification of new messages, even when Horizon is not started
  • Fully secured solution on the company network

Thanks to its perfect integration with the Digital Workplace, users are directly authenticated to exchange in complete security. They can initiate conversations directly from profile cards and have direct access to all employees.

They can receive alerts from the Digital Workplace in Horizon and can initiate voice/video calls with your company's video conferencing solution (integration via the JCall module which supports many video conferencing tools including Jitsi, Zoom, BigBlueButton et Glowbl.

Horizon allows rich exchanges, favoring social interactions, with the possibility of reacting on messages (emoji, and quotations to answer them), sending files, images, videos and animated Gif.

What customers like about Horizon

  • Easy access to all employees and guests:

Compared to a consumer chat solution on mobile, Horizon is much more comfortable: I don't have to add the whole company to my contacts!

Because Horizon is integrated with the Digital Workplace, I can easily find all my employees from the directory, but also thanks to auto-completion when I start a chat or a multi-party chat room. With Horizon, I can also contact external people who have guest accounts.


  • Continuity of exchanges on desktop and mobile:

With Horizon, I can continue on mobile the conversations I started on my PC and vice versa, whereas before, I had 2 different tools on desktop and on mobile. Horizon allows me not to lose track of conversations when I'm on the move and to optimize my waiting time during the day, especially on public transport.

The mobile version offers all the ease of use of the desktop version such as quote feedback actions, Swipe left to display or close the list of conversations or members of a room!


  • A secure solution that we keep under control:

In terms of storage, we are reassured to know that the messages exchanged do not leave the company's network, especially in comparison with the Cloud Act to which other chat solutions from the United States are subject.

This gives us complete control over the storage and archiving of messages and attachments. In addition, Horizon requires the same level of authentication as access to the Digital Workplace, which reinforces our security strategy.