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Training programs

A software product, no matter how good it is, can deliver its full potential only if it is installed to professional standards and if users and administrators are trained to use it optimally.

This is why Jalios has developed a complete range of training courses that aim to guarantee total customer satisfaction. To enable clients to get the most from their Jalios platform, we propose a complete range of training for all types of users. This training can be dispensed at Jalios or on your own premises.

We can also organize specific training for editorial staff using content management tools.

Our programs go beyond end-user training: they are also designed to transfer skills to customers to allow them not only to control their platform but also to configure our new applications and even undertake developments.

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Training catalog

Select the desired course beside to find the relevant information. For each training, you will find:

  • Prerequisites of the participants,
  • Skills referred to at the end of the training,
  • Training program,
  • Technical prerequisites.

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