Administrator certification

This certification is particularly aimed at administrators of editorial/functional spaces or animators of collaborative spaces/conversation spaces.

Duration and terms and conditions

  • 1 session of 120 minutes (2 hours)
  • 100 questions (QCM)
  • Threshold for success: 70%.
  • 5 people minimum

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  • Administration of workspaces
    • Editorial Spaces
    • Collaborative Spaces
  • Administration of social and communication tools
    • Conversation spaces
    • Social network
    • Virtual office
    • Newsletter
  • Rights management
    • Members
    • Groups Groups
    • ACL (creation, audit and assignment)
    • Rights to publications
    • Category rights
  • Activation of workflows
    • Treatment of
    • Editorial
  • Activating publication types
  • Design and management of publications
    • Contents
    • User Content
    • Portes
    • Forms
  • Creating Workflow Templates

Jalios version
JPlatform 10. x. x. x



Have completed functional administration training and/or be a Jalios functional administrator with experience.

Recommended training courses

  • Functional Administration
  • Advanced Functional Administration
  • Administration of collaborative and social spaces

Feel free to consult the Jalios Training Catalogue

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