WEB Design

You are a webdesigner and you wonder how JPlatform works for Front Office pages rendering? Would you like to know if accordions, maps, list displays, modals... are available? If Bootstrap is compatible? If you have to do less, css? If it is possible to modify the css dynamically from the Front Office of JPlatform?

All the answers to these questions will be provided by following the WebDesign Training.

Do not hesitate to consult the training catalogue to have all the details on this training (pre-requisite, pedagogical objectives, course...). This training, initially on 2J, is being redesigned to be given on 1 J (from April 2018).

Training type: Intercompany, Intra-firm
Duration of training: 2 days (from April 2018)
Pratical Information

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For more information or to register: formation@jalios.com

+33 1 39 23 92 80

Jalios is a training center approved by the Regional Directorate of Vocational Training under number 11 78 080 28 78.

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