Digital Workplace by Jalios

Digital Workplace by Jalios
  • A one-stop-shop with all the tools they need to do the job and to communicate!
  • Your email boxes are overflowing
  • Your staff spend too much time in meetings
  • You are often on the road, but you need permanent access to your workspace and contact with your team
  • You want to spur initiative, but people are slow to come forward with ideas
  • You need to share information with colleagues at geographically remote sites
  • You waste time waiting for replies to questions or trying to find people who can help you
  • You need to be sure you have the latest version of the documents you are using
  • Etc.

Clearly it's time to install a Digital Workplace to make your staff more autonomous, more comfortable in their work, and more efficient.




JPlatform is a complete, modular, innovative tool for building collaborative and social intranets and extranets.

JPlatform is outstanding for its functional coverage. Complete, limited or progressive implementation is possible thanks to its modularity and evolutivity and the coherence of its components. JPlatform can interconnect with other existing tools. It has earned the admiration of major account clients, public organizations and small businesses in France – and in other countries too, thanks to its multilingualism.

JPlatform Evolution

JCom - Icônes fonctionnalités - JPlatform Evolution 


Tailer-made offer
under licence
From 500 end-users

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A secure, tailor-made solution sold under license. It is highly personalizable and easily configured, and adaptable for integration with your information system and your applications.

For organizations with more than 500 end-users

JPlatform Ready

JCom - Icônes fonctionnalités - JPlatform Ready  


Pre-packaged offer
under licence
From 200 end-users

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A pre-packaged, ready-to-go solution sold under license. It is easy to implement and to personalize.

For organizations with more than 200 end-users.
Ideal for small businesses, divisions of major accounts and mid-size public organizations

JPlatform Cloud

JCom - Icônes fonctionnalités - JPlatform Cloud 


Pre-packaged offer
In SaaS mode
From 100 end-users

From € 6 per day per user VAT excl. *

A pre-packaged, turnkey solution used in SaaS mode, so no specific developments are required. The solution provides instant access to all the functions you need. Its regular upgrades are transparent for end-users.

For organizations with more than 100 end-users

* Decreasing rates for larger numbers of users

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JCom - Icônes fonctionnalités - JLearning 


Social Learning solution

A collaborative formal and informal learning solution that stimulates learning freedom:
self-service approach, training paths, accepts all content types, interactions between participants, knowledge sharing, etc.


JCom - Icônes fonctionnalités - JDoc 


Documentary management solution

A user-friendly, evolutive solution to manage and share documents:
dematerialization, document sharing, advanced search features, document lifecycle and version management, and much more.


JCom - Icônes fonctionnalités - JWeb 


Content Management solution

A powerful, function-rich tool to build simple or elaborate Internet sites: "site factory" function, intuitive contributor interface, decentralized and convivial content editing, multilingualism, etc.

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