What our customers say (in French) :

«  I really appreciated our collaboration with Jalios, they are present on a daily basis both through the support and the sales team. The training teams are available and listening to all our suggestions  »
Océane Puech, Digital Urban Planner,  French Development Agency


 «  The 3 main advantages and benefits with Jalios? A network of mutual assistance between employees, better identification between group employees and efficiency of productivity   » 
Maxime Poux, Communication manager,  Ginger CEBTP


«  We're satisfied with the relationship with Jalios, it's a product that's efficient and highly scalable.   » 
Marianne Brengou, Internet/Intranet project manager,  Apprentis d'Auteuil


«  What I most appreciated in our relationship with Jalios was the reactivity, the adequacy between their service offer and our needs and then this constant updating of the catalog that makes us competitive with consumer services, and so integrate innovations such as social networks, conversational walls, task management and that in a dynamic and reactive way  »
Benoît Moraillon, Assistant to the Director in charge of digital secondary schools and innovation,   Brittany Region


«  What I like about Jalios is the user-friendliness, the simplicity of the exchanges that we were able to have and then we can see it through the product demonstrations, a product that is very homogeneous, well thought out, and in the structure   » 
Michel Pelletier, IT Manager,  Bulteau Systems

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