Jalios: catalyzing collective intelligence

Working together efficiently

Highly regarded for the innovations that drive its business strategy, Jalios is a software developer specializing in Digital Workplace, enterprise social networks, collaborative intranets, documentary management, social learning, content management and enterprise portals.
Jalios is France's leading publisher of digital workplace solutions. It drives the digital transformation of organizations and businesses with the constant goal of making work easier and more satisfying for employees and making their organizations more efficient, innovative and agile. Millions of people use Jalios-based platforms daily.


Solid technological base and continuous innovation

Jalios spends over 30% of its revenues on R&D in an unrelenting effort to enrich the functionality of its products, to explore new horizons in terms of usages, and to bring customers a new and optimized experience.

Durable, fully-controlled corporate development

Jalios has always posted a profit since it was founded in 2001, which has allowed it to self-finance its development. The company now has all the resources necessary to guarantee its growth and control its strategy.
To assure proximity support for all customers, even those remote from its French agencies (Paris, Nantes and Lyon), Jalios has offices in Germany and Africa and certified partners across Europe.

Expert technical support and top quality service

With Jalios you are never alone! Jalios proposes technical support plans to all customers. Its Jalios Community website provides many online resources and enables discussions with technical experts. Jalios also proposes comprehensive training on all its solutions, from basic end-user training on your Jalios platform to complete know-how transfer to give you full control of your system.

Proven network of partners

To assist customers implementing Jalios-based systems, we have built an international network of integrator partners, all experts in the digital transformation of organizations and fully trained in Jalios solutions.

Moreover, all our partners are specialists in areas such as consultancy, design, integration, training and change management. This expertise complementary to our own brings real added value for customers.


Dynamic user community

Through its JClub, Jalios animates a large community of people using its solutions. It regularly runs workshops to encourage sharing of experience and good practices.

In its capacity as an influential software house, Jalios organizes "Jalios Digital Summits" open everyone who wants to learn more about the "digital workplace" and share their experience with integrators, expert consultants and users.

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