Digital Learning

Social Learning brings together, through a single entry point, training, communication and collaboration around learning objectives.


  • Develop motivation by promoting microlearning and simplifying access to training resources
  • Successfully increase the skills and integration of your employees thanks to courses created to measure and in complete autonomy.
  • Make the most of existing training resources and new web formats to increase agility to meet needs
    Encourage the engagement of each learner by encouraging natural interactions between participants around content and activities.
  • Encourage the sharing of knowledge and know-how to enrich the company's capital and perpetuate it beyond the movement of employees.
  • Increase productivity with our integrated authoring tools for creating tutorials, quizzes, surveys and multimedia files.
  • Optimize your training creation and management efforts thanks to collaboration spaces dedicated to trainers

Social Learning replaces the training effort with "freedom to learn" by providing each employee with the resources necessary for his or her own learning and by contributing to the consolidation of the company's knowledge capital.
It also enables training teams to collaborate in their production activities by sharing repositories, teaching resources, conversations, activities and project documents, etc. This is to gain in quality and agility.

Digital Learning

Knowledge catalog

Any contents of learning are the object of an index card resuming his main characteristics: title, description, theme, objectives, author, duration, level of difficulty, labelisation, possible prerequisites, languages, type of media, etc.
Every type of contents can be the object of the creation of such a baptized index card "know-how": run e-learning existing, Quiz, PowerPoint, practical sheets pdf and office automations existing, video internal and external typical TED, Vimeo or YouTube, tutorials, MOOC, links towards articles in the press, on the Internet blog or note of internal communications.

Digital Learning

Learning paths

Content of all kinds can be assembled into learning paths to serve particular functions (marketing, office automation, etc.), specializations (sale engineer, manager, technician, etc.) or objectives (on-boarding, certification, etc.).

This allows excellent reactivity to learning needs, since learning paths can be assembled by training staff or authorized managers. A path is built simply by choosing available content and defining options. Quizz can be integrated to validate the passage in the following stage or the validation of the route.

Trainees can see which other people are doing the same training so they can interact with them if they wish.

Digital Learning


Follow-up tables are provided to allow trainees to see precisely their know-how and completed training plans and the corresponding knowledge targets.

This information is consolidated for managers to enable them to check rapidly that every staff member is achieving the defined learning goals. This is particularly important in the case of skill enhancement training needed to meet a strategic challenge for an enterprise or a given department.

  • Easy knowledge publications encouraging the sharing of knowledge and know-how

  • Collaborative space for trainers

  • Knowledge validation quizz

  • Gamification to energize the device and ensure a better engagement

  • Popularity indicators based on like and participation

  • Content validation workflow before publication/sharing

  • Dashboards

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