The enterprise portal is a key component the JPlatform, JDoc  and JWeb offers. It provides multi-device access (PC, tablet, smartphone) thanks to the use of responsive web design, and it provides a range of connectors and facilitates the integration with the existing information system.

JWeb can generate clones and variants of portals using its "site factory" utility.

Portals created with JPlatform bring every user a unified, secure work environment personalized according to their profile.


  • Information can be found and filtered efficiently, boosting productivity
  • Users in control: functional administrators control their portal, supervisors control their workspaces, users control their personal desktop
  • Ease of use and personalization to speed adoption and mastery of the tool by all staff
  • On-stop access to information and applications
  • De-partitioned applications through a usage-based approach
  • A solution that adapt easily as your needs evolve (progressive scaling)

Personalized Desktop

The personal desktop allows each user to select and assemble all his regularly used services. The Main Administrator decides which services are made available to the users.


Integration into your Information System

With Jalios you have total control of your choice of applications and techniques. A Jalios-based portal comes with a large number of connectors: mail, office, instant communication, etc. They support most industry standards: Open Social Activity Stream, CMIS, JSR 286, RSS, etc. A REST web service interface - Jalios Open API - is provided to allow control by third-party applications. Finally, Jalios portals support multiple architectures, for example application servers, databases, LDAP directories and authentication systems.


Usage statistics

You need relevant statistical information to be able to assess the efficiency of your communication and the degree of user collaboration. The portal generates this information globally and for each collaborative space. The data are available to administrators and collaborative space managers. The Lecko RSE Analytics plugin which measures evolutions of collaborative and social practices is a useful support tool.

  • Newsletter

  • Bookmark management

  • Recent navigation

  • Content syndication and aggregation

  • Mail connectors: Outlook®, Exchange®, IBM Lotus Notes®, Zimbra, etc.

  • Instant searching: people, content, documents

  • Extendable contribution and administration interfaces

  • Multilingual: content in any language

  • User interface available in 15 languages...

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