JPlatform is a complete, all-in-one, modular and evolutive solution to create your collaborative and social platform, intranet or digital workplace to work together effectively. 

JPlatform allows you to:

  • Stimulate new work modes, more transversal and more collaborative
  • Ensure fluid transfers of up-to-date information to improve efficiency
  • Develop knowledge capitalization and sharing
  • Enhance your employer image by offering every employee a modern, personalized workspace
  • Mobilize the entire enterprise around a shared vision and culture in which ideas and talent are rewarded

JPlatform completely transforms the "employee experience" by enabling greater autonomy, comfort and efficiency in daily work and by providing a platform for collective innovation.


Exceptional functional cover

JPlatform is outstanding for the richness and coherence of its functions: communities, project and market watch spaces, sharing of good practices, stimulation of initiative and invention, know-how transfer, etc.
At the leading edge of intranet/extranet innovation, JPlatform is regularly enriched with new features that allow people to collaborate and communicate better. In short, it helps them to work together efficiently.


Modularity and evolutivity

JPlatform's modularity and evolutivity allow complete, limited or progressive implementation according to the organization's goals and maturity and the planning of its digital transformation project. JPlatform interconnects with tools and services already in use (office suites, messaging, etc.) to provide individual personalized workspaces that together constitute your enterprise Digital Workplace.


Complementarity with Office 365

Do you use the Office 365 office suite? Benefit from its integration with JPlatform for a consistent and consistent user experience in all your daily tasks, whether business, office or collaborative. So choose a socialized, open and independent Digital Workplace that will continue to meet your needs for collaborative spaces, communication intranet, knowledge base or social learning.

  • Enterprise social network: community spaces, a "profiles directory" enriched by user inputs

  • Collaborative spaces: blog, wiki, shared calendar, planning, etc.

  • Enterprise portal and personalized workspaces: integration with the IS, numerous connectors, business applications, etc.

  • Electronic Document Management: document sharing and collaborative editing, advanced search functions, version management, etc.

  • Social Learning: expertise catalog, defined learning paths, know-how sharing, dashboards

  • Content management: editorial spaces, publishing and business workflows, rights management, etc.

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