Component: Documentary management

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Electronic document management is the main component of the Jalios Document System offer, and it is also partially available in Jalios Digital Platform. A large part of knowledge and informal exchanges are still based on office documents, although multimedia documents (pictures, audio, video) are increasingly used today.

Jalios facilitates document sharing via a single multimedia repository or via collaborative spaces dedicated to a department, project or community.

To exploit documents optimally, Jalios manages every phase of their life cycle:  collective creation, validation, filing, distribution (with controlled rights), searching, expiry, archiving.


  • Find up-to-date information easily
  • Capitalize knowledge by making it permanently accessible and shared
  • Facilitate co-editing of documents
  • Ensure traceability and confidentiality of all documents
  • Easy-to-use administration interface: multiple uploading by drag/drop

Zoom on three features

Collaborative publishing

Jalios provides connectors for leading office suites. The MS-Office® connector is compatible with the versions 2003 or later:  it enables a document to be opened directly then re-uploaded in a click. LibreOffice is also supported, as is Google Docs which allows concurrent editing.

Image library

This function presents a set of content in the form of images. The content can be pictures, videos, office documents or any other content types with a visual representation. Images can be edited directly (rotation, trimming, resizing).

Advanced ergonomics

Excellent ergonomics are one the strong points of all Jalios products. For example, a set of documents can be uploaded by simple drag-n-drop. Document filing will be intuitive for people familiar of the Windows® explorer. Versions are automatically numbered and can be consulted easily. 

Other features

  • Integration of MS-Office®
  • Creation of MS-Office® documents using templates
  • Concurrent editing with Google Docs
  • Crocodoc plugin
  • Work copy of documents
  • Choice of the associated PDF version
  • Dematerialization (OCR)
  • File imports
  • Document encryption
  • Document upload quotas and controls
  • WebDAV access
  • Control of document size
  • Searching
  • Document Viewer
  • All types of multimedia documents
  • Image Editor
  • Video player and import videos


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