Press release - Jalios 2022 results: 41% Cloud growth and 2.1M users

Jalios' multi-cloud strategy enables the software company to reach 41% Cloud growth in the collaboration tools market.

Le Chesnay, 7 March 2023 - Pursuing its multi-cloud and interoperability strategy, the independent and sovereign publisher of collaborative solutions is closing a year of growth. A key player with 460 customers and 2.1 million users, Jalios is the leading French software company on the French market for the Digital Workplace and the social and collaborative Intranet.


Growth driven by useful innovation

Ranked for the 12th consecutive year in Numeum's top 250 French software publishers, and number one in its sector, Jalios has shown steady growth and financial strength based on profitable results every year since its creation.
By developing itself on its own funds, Jalios has full control over its strategy and invests more than 30% of its turnover in R&D. This approach allows the editor to adapt its product roadmap to the real needs of its customers,  supporting them in the long term with useful innovation.
This customer proximity and the 20 years of Jalios were celebrated at the 2022 JClub, the annual event of its user club. On this occasion, the software company thanked and invited testimonials from its customers of more than 15 years, such as the Brittany region, the departments of Loire-Atlantique, La Loire and La Charente-Maritime, the Fédération Nationale du Crédit Agricole (FNCA), the University of Liège, the Haute Autorité de Santé, the Agence de Biomédecine and the Academies of Paris and Versailles.

2022 Jalios JClub - Jalios Digital Workplace Trophees and customers 

2022 also marks an important milestone in the company's commitment to a more sustainalbe digital environment, with the award of the INR's level 2 Responsible Digital label, operated by the Lucie agency.


"Jalios' product development follows three clearly identified major axes. The first is to be able to address everyone, and this includes both frontline workers and external users. The second is to provide the best employee experience, which must therefore be personalized, coherent and useful. The third is to ensure that the solution is sustainable, which includes interoperability, sobriety and security", says Olivier Dedieu, Jalios R&D Director.


A Digital Workplace for all

Its solution, Jalios Workplace, appeals to SMEs starting from 100 users as well as to larger organisations with more than 180,000 users.


New customers in 2022 include the Grand Est region, the Caisse d'Épargne Côte d'Azur, Cerema, the catering company Compass Group France, the accounting firms RSM France and In Extenso, the departments of Hérault and Maine, the SDISs of Bouches-du-Rhône and Haute-Savoie, Nibelis, Metz Métropole, Lyon Métropole Habitat, and the University of Poitiers. The uses of these new clients cover a wide range of projects, from the Intranet to the Digital Workplace.


In addition, the solution continues to grow in organisations that have been using it for several years, in particular by onboarding new user populations, both internally and externally. The vision of a "Digital Workplace for all" supported by the Jalios, contributes strongly to the dynamics and collective efficiency in extended organisations, an important issue shared by its customers who have given their testimony in 2022.


At the last Digital Workplace, Collaborative, Intranet Meeting (RIRSE), Maxime Segard, Head of Communication 2.0 at La Redoute, gave a feedback on 4 uses of the solution: social and collaborative intranet, customer knowledge base, supplier extranet portal and finally mobile Digital Workplace for employees in shops, the Frontline Workers, with a dedicated mobile application downloadable via QR code. La Redoute has also successfully deployed a beta of the JGame gamification application as part of a JLab co-innovation project between Jalios and its clients, to onboard its new employees in a fun and interactive way.


Screenshot fo Jaliso Gamification app 

Jérémie Lebrun, Head of the Collaborative Uses Department at the Metropolis of Nantes, during his talk at the Forum des Interconnectés conference, highlighted the three circles of collaboration that the Metropolis' collaborative Intranet aims to address: firstly, connected internal agents who have a workstation, then external partners and finally agents in the field or without a workstation.


Sovereignty: a useful third way to more freedom

In terms of sovereignty, Jalios offers a useful third way for companies and public bodies, with 3 editions of its Jalios Workplace solution, to adapt pragmatically to their information systems. Jalios' multi-cloud and interoperability strategy goes beyond these three editions, as it allows the integration of numerous third-party applications, both proprietary and open source: from emails such as Microsoft Exchange, GMail, Bluemind, and Zimbra, to electronic document management solutions (DMS) such as Box, Alfresco, and Nextcloud, or other applications such as Redmine, Matomo, etc., which are offered either by Jalios or by its Marketplace partners.


Fabrice Mathieu, Digital Workplace Product Owner at FHVI (Fédération des Hôpitaux Vaudois Informatique), emphasized the importance of this interoperability during the DWDays online conferences. The Jalios Digital Workplace powers differentiated intranets for each of the 12 hospitals, which include several directories of staff and experts, complex on-call schedules, and a transverse search engine. The solution also provides users who do not have a Microsoft 365 account with alternative collaboration tools such as Horizon, the native Jalios webchat application and co-editing with the OnlyOffice integration.


"In the 20 years of our existence, our guiding principle has always been to respect our customers' technical choices. As a Microsoft partner we help our customers to complement and better use Microsoft 365. As an alternative vendor, we offer a complete and fully sovereign solution. We are thus present at both ends of the spectrum and all the nuances in between. Able to cover all market demands, Jalios is positioned as an independent and sustainable player that companies can rely on to use the best solutions." says Vincent Bouthors, CEO of Jalios.


Jalios is also one of the few on the market to continue to offer its solution on an on-premise licensing model. Even though more and more customers are opting for subscription-based Cloud, SaaS and PaaS models, the publisher is committed to offering maximum flexibility to its customers.


About Jalios

Jalios has been the French leader in the Cloud and On-Premise Intranet and Digital Workplace market for over 20 years. Its mission is to make organisations more efficient and everyone's work more fulfilling in the long term. Its solution, Jalios Workplace, is aimed at all employees, regardless of their job profile, whether in the office, at home or on the move.  It creates links and facilitates collaboration, even with external parties.
It is available in 3 ready-to-use editions to provide a complete, open and interoperable digital work environment (chat, video, office automation, EDM, communities, etc.) and natively collaborative, adapted to its customers' technological equipment. The edition dedicated to Microsoft 365 and the one dedicated to Google optimise and complete the use of these suites. The Liberty edition is a sovereign alternative.
By unifying communication, collaboration and knowledge management, the solution gives employees, partners, customers, members and suppliers the means to work and succeed together. Modular, extensible and highly customisable, the solution is used by its customers not only for their social and mobile Intranet, Digital Workplace, but also Extranet, Social Network, collaborative platform, document and knowledge management and Digital Learning.
Jalios has been awarded the "Responsible Digital" label and today employs nearly 80 people who are curious about and passionate about innovation. It relies on a network of recognised partners to support more than 460 clients, from SMEs to major accounts, in the public, private and associative sectors, including: Caisse des Dépôts, SFR Business, La Redoute, Système U, the French Ministry of Labour, the French Ministry of Health and Solidarity, MACIF, the Yves Rocher Group, and numerous SMEs, ETIs, cities, departments and regions.


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