10 000 Coders and Loïc Travadon, chess champion: why and how Jalios chose to sponsor them



Engaging in sponsorship in line with our corporate values

Jalios has reached a sufficient size to support associations or individuals. We have chosen to help people gain access to training and knowledge, or to raise them to a high level of performance. This echoes the main missions of Jalios: to encourage the development of our clients' employees and to develop their efficiency by "catalysing collective intelligence".


Supporting an African digital skills training association.


We decided to sponsor the African association 10 000 coders, which corresponds to our values of humanity, innovation, usefulness and openness to others. Very dynamic and with ambitious objectives, the association, which we got to know thanks to our Cameroonian collaborator Landry Kouam Kamga, accompanies students as well as unemployed young people and adults in retraining towards digital professions and entrepreneurship. This skills training approach therefore enables African students to contribute to the development of their country's economy. This is also the objective of our support, which is in line with our concept of sovereignty. We see it as a matter of developing local ecosystems and establishing fair competition against monopolies.


Free Jalios operating license for small associations

Jalios has chosen to sponsor the 10,000 coders association in three ways.

  • In line with our value as a "catalyst of collective intelligence", we are giving our employees time to help the association's young people develop their projects on a voluntary basis.
  • Jalios also provides financial support to enable them to participate in certain events.
  • Finally, we offer the association a free operating licence for our Digital Workplace solution to set up and run a community platform and allow young people to access it for training purposes. In addition to this sponsorship, we also offer free support to small associations in which Jalios employees are involved. In addition, we have adopted a general policy of discounted rates on the purchase of operating licenses for our software solutions for humanitarian associations.


Sponsoring a promising young chess player in line with our values

patriotic pride of defending a French player in major international competitions is also part of our company's values. After approaching the chess world, we selected the young international master Loïc Travadon, three-time French champion in the under-20 youth categories, for his ambition to become an international grandmaster. We are funding the use of coaches to help him progress and achieve his goal. They can accompany him in the preparation of a tournament, informing him of the tactics and strategy of his opponents. Chess is often seen as a solitary sport, whereas players rely heavily on the knowledge acquired by their predecessors. We find a value which is dear to Jalios: collective intelligence.


The support of Loïc Travadon already gives results


Our support helped to motivate Loïc Travadon, who went on to win the Francophonie championship in Casablanca in both classical and fast (Blitz) cadences last July. We have signed a communication agreement with Loïc on the broadcasting of his news on the important competitions in which he participates. We hope to communicate on his next successes in major competitions and eventually on his promotion to the rank of international grandmaster.


Vincent Bouthors
CEO, Jalios


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