DWDays 2023

6 Apr - 8 June 2023 / Webconferences

DWDays Spring 2023 EN   

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A new opportunity to discuss and accompany you around the Digital Workplace !

The Digital Workplace Days are back for a new Spring season on Thursday 6 April, 11 May and 8 June 2022.
Three exclusive days to answer all your questions about your digital transformation.

On the programme : 

Employee Experience & Engagement - 6 April 2023 

The employee experience corresponds to all of the interactions of the employee throughout his or her evolution and journey within the company: from on-boarding to off-boarding, but also his or her day-to-day work, his or her relationships with colleagues and managers, his or her sense of belonging and his or her level of commitment. With a direct impact on attracting and retaining talent, the employee experience is becoming a growing challenge for the development of companies and organizations. 

  • How does digital technology take up this challenge?
  • Intranet, Digital Workplace or HR portal: who should design and run it? HR? Internal communication? IT? Managers?
  • How do you create a personalized experience?
  • What are the features and uses that work best? 

This is what we invite you to explore during this DWDays thematic day on employee experience and engagement.



Knowledge Management and distributed Teams -  May 11, 2023 

A good manager must support his teams and make sure they have what they need to work together effectively. This includes tools, clear objectives, but also access to the necessary knowledge. The manager must therefore set up an efficient framework for collaboration and knowledge sharing. This task is all the more difficult when teams are remote, both in a telecommuting context and in distributed teams. Indeed, experts and knowledgeable people, who are increasingly rare and specialized, are often in different locations and therefore geographically distant. 

What solutions does digital technology provide? How does the Intranet and the Digital Workplace help managers to be better managers? What are the levers to make teams more efficient collectively? What role for knowledge management? How to facilitate it despite the distance? How to make it everyone's business? 

Participate in this DWDays thematic day to exchange with our customers, experts and partners on these topics!

Unified & Responsible Digital Workplace -  June 8, 2023 

In a digital environment more and more rich and complex, the expectations of employees towards their Digital Workplace are also increasingly strong: gain efficiency, access to all its tools, facilitate their daily life, but also maintain the social link, be their virtual digital office in telecommuting, etc. All this with the most fluid user experience possible, while ensuring that the environmental impact is limited.

How to design a DW that meets all these expectations? Or rather, how do you eco-design it? Should we inject all the latest technological innovations? Metavers, AI, chatbot, ChatGPT, etc.  For which uses and which benefits?

Testimonies, feedback, masterclass and demo workshop: so many sessions to answer them during this DWDays thematic day.


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Practical information : 

  • Dates :
    • April 6, 2023
    • May 11, 2023
    • June 8, 2023
  • Web conferences
  • You will receive by email all the practical information to follow these days of conferences online.

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