Press release - Jalios awarded the Digital Responsibility Label

Le Chesnay, 25 November 2022 

By signing the Responsible Digital Label commitment charter in December 2021, Jalios has joined the Lucie community, which brings together organisations (companies, associations, public authorities, local authorities) that are committed to reducing the impact of digital technology. This commitment has now been recognised with the award of the Level 2 Responsible Digital Label, obtained in October 2022.


The Responsible Digital Label, a specific label for digital companies

A true benchmark in France, the Responsible Digital Label is based on a set of guidelines developed jointly by experts from the Institut du Numérique Responsable and France IT. This distinction demonstrates Jalios' commitment to a more sober, ethical and inclusive digital environment.



In concrete terms, this involves integrating the 3 challenges of digital technology:

  • Environmental (reduction of energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions or recycling and reuse of terminals);
  • Social (digital accessibility);
  • and ethical (protection of personal data).

By obtaining the Responsible Digital Label - Level 2, Jalios is committed to making progress by implementing a concrete action plan, consisting of 19 commitments.




A demanding and transparent approach for ever greater Responsibility.

The Responsible Digital label is a demanding label, designed by the "Institut du Numérique Responsable", which follows an initial training course on responsible digital issues and how to take them into account, a self-diagnosis phase and a complete audit carried out on the entire value chain of a digital company.

To obtain the label, this audit was carried out at Jalios' premises by Bureau Veritas/ SGS on 5 themes

  • Strategy and governance
    Support for the Responsible Digital strategy
    Lifecycle of digital services
    Extending the Digital Responsibility approach
    External levers for local authorities
    NSE products and services

Finally, an independent certification committee made up of responsible digital experts awarded the label after examining the auditor's report and the commitments made by Jalios to progress over the next three years through a 360° approach.


Jalios has been a responsible digital player for several years within its ecosystem of customers and partners

Jalios has been involved for several years in raising awareness internally and externally of the challenges of Responsible Digital Technology. As part of its Digital Workplace Days conferences, now in their 5th year, Jalios gives its partners, customers and experts in the field of responsible digital technology the opportunity to provide answers and share their experiences: Keynotes, round tables and expert workshops are all opportunities to meet and discuss the challenges and concrete actions required to build a responsible digital environment.


Jalios' Responsible Digital approach is in line with the company's values: digital sobriety is a lever for frugal innovation and the search for efficiency, which are at the heart of Jalios' DNA. This approach also reflects Jalios' desire to take into account the ecological sensitivities of its employees and to contribute to the UN's sustainable development objectives. With this label, Jalios also echoes the expectations of its customers and is committed to designing and providing a useful, usable and used Digital Workplace solution, having a positive impact on more than 450 organisations and more than 1.8 million users.

Its Digital Workplace solution "Jalios Workplace Liberty" has been awarded the Silver level of Digital Sobriety by Greenspector.

Jalios is also a signatory of the NR charter of the Institut du Numérique Responsable and of the Planet Tech'Care Manifesto (Numeum) and will be present at the GreenTech Forum organised on 1 and 2 December.




«  Faced with the climate emergency, we must act now! The Responsible Digital Label marks an important step in the responsible commitment. It allows all organisations to mobilise, to take ownership of the approach, to implement it and to make it visible in order to reduce the environmental and societal impacts of digital technology. »

Emmanuel Laroche, Director of Communications and Events at the Institut du Numérique Responsable


«  If digital technology is the source of great progress, its acceleration is worrying. Digital technology is responsible for 4% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions and the sharp increase in its use could result in a doubling of this carbon footprint by 2025. With the Responsible Digital label, companies have a framework for adopting a more sober, ethical and inclusive digital world! »

Saliha Mariet, Director of Operations, Agence LUCIE


« This label is a great recognition of the work done to understand and raise awareness of Responsible Digital, which has been carried out both internally and more widely in our ecosystem of clients and partners. Thanks to this label, we now have a clear action plan to act as a software publisher and make our contribution to a more sober, ethical and inclusive digital world. »

 Hoang-Anh Phan, Marketing Director of Jalios.


« Responsible digital is perfectly in line with the long-term vision that Jalios has been carrying as a French software publisher for 20 years. It also reflects the values of collective intelligence, mutualisation, sharing and the search for efficiency that drive us. Obtaining this label marks an important step with the commitments made within the framework of this label over the next three years.»

Vincent Bouthors, CEO of Jalios.

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