Jalios Workplace MS365 edition available in pre-packaged cloud and on-premise versions

This first multi-cloud version 1.0, available in particular on the Azure Cloud, enables organisations that have migrated to Microsoft 365 to quickly benefit from a turnkey, high-performance portal to address the cross-functional issues of communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Accessible to all employees, even those without an MS365 account, the Jalios Workplace solution includes a social intranet with the editorial features essential for internal communication to federate and maintain links throughout the organization.

Jalios Workplace MS365 Edition is a solution that integrates the essential tools of the MS365 suite to facilitate its adoption and proper use. Jalios Workplace thus makes it possible to reconcile the immediate individual productivity needs of each employee with the longer-term collective efficiency needs of the organization.

A customised communication intranet for Microsoft 365

From a simple colour scheme in a few clicks to the complete integration of your graphic charter, Jalios Workplace allows you to create a communication intranet that reflects the company's visual identity, thus reinforcing the feeling of belonging.

Sharing and promoting content and news as well as your internal events will be very easy and respectively in the dedicated applications News and Public Events. Newsflashes are also a powerful tool for sharing information.

Thanks to the publication workflow, rights management and multi-categorisation, internal communication teams can better mobilise their network of contributors and profile information in order to optimise employee interest and commitment.


acceuil intranet Jalios workplace MS 365


A smoother and more consistent MS365 employee experience

In the Jalios Workplace solution, the tools of the MS365 suite are located in intuitive places in the user journey. For example, emails are in the topbar next to notifications, the calendar is in the personal organization sidebar, Teams videoconferencing is in the company directory, Sharepoint sites are in the associated communities, and co-editing of documents is independent of their storage platform. All the tools can be accessed from the application launcher, which can be easily configured according to user profiles, etc.

With the "My Microsoft 365" dashboard page, each employee can find his or her MS365 universe: personal One Drive documents and documents shared in Sharepoint, personal One Note notes, etc.

Jalios Workplace thus creates a smoother user experience that is better supported by the richness of MS365.

Dashboard mon MS365 Jalios workplace Microsoft


An intranet accessible to all employees, even those without an MS365 account

Jalios Workplace makes it possible to reach employees who do not have MS365 email accounts. These are generally frontline workers or external employees, with whom it is nevertheless essential to collaborate effectively.

Its mobile application is available in the Apple and Android stores, and can be fully customized and distributed under their own name on the stores, in order to reinforce the feeling of belonging, making it a real lever of engagement and employer brand.

Jalios Workplace enriches the uses of MS365

Much more than a simple overlay to MS365, Jalios Workplace is both a complete Content Management System (CMS) and a collaborative platform offering apps that complement MS365 to enrich collaborative and knowledge-sharing uses: collaborative monitoring with JMag, request management with JProcess, digital learning with JLearn, etc.


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