Communauté de communes Aunis Atlantique

Communauté de communes Aunis Atlantique

Collaborative Intranet

Find out how the Communauté de communes Aunis Atlantique offers a single point of access to everything its agents need on a daily basis.


In the Aunis Atlantique community of communes, the means of communication and collaboration were limited: a weekly newsletter and a lot of e-mail exchanges.

This Charente-Maritime community brings together 20 rural communes with a total population of 30,000. It has to interact with the departments of the various town halls, as well as with the thirty or so elected members of the community.

It also has around a hundred employees with a wide range of skills, who are required to work together on projects.

For a long time, the community has been developing a collaborative intranet project. When the health crisis struck, it was ready to take the plunge.

Building a digital intermunicipality

The Aunis Atlantique project starts at the end of April 2020 and meets 4 major objectives :

  • Improve communication and reduce e-mails within the local authority's head office, with its remote sites, and with member communes and private individuals.
  • Facilitate and promote collaboration in all its aspects :
    • Within the framework of projects, through the sharing of information and resources (directory of contacts, monitoring, etc.).
    • Through the development of communities of interest.
    • Improving document management and sharing, a necessity reinforced by a context of dematerialization.
    • To be able to work on the move, a need that has become essential with the health crisis and telecommuting.

Nous avons réussi à créer un écosystème digital cohérent, tant sur le fond que sur la forme, et ça n'aurait pas été aussi efficace sans notre collaboration très constructive avec Jalios.

Aline Henrion, Head of institutional websites, University of Liege

A hub for internal and external collaboration

Launched in September 2020, the collaborative intranet, "B.A BA", offers a unique working environment, which everyone can access according to their profile.

A communication channel for the local authority, it broadcasts "flash news" as well as more developed and longer-lasting content in the form of articles.

Agents find all the data and applications they need on a daily basis on "B.A BA". They can also interact with each other and with member communes via a dedicated collaborative space.

B.A BA's main features

Internal collaboration is organized via multiple tools:

  • shared diary
  • task management
  • document database
  • wiki
  • etc.

Real-time exchanges take place via a team messaging system with chat rooms, from a PC or cell phone.

Finally, an electronic document management system provides secure remote access to documents, while meeting the challenges of backup and archiving.


With B.A BA, communication has gained in flexibility. It is possible to offer different levels of information, but also to communicate in a targeted way to users.

What's more, a dynamic of contribution has been created around the information. Thanks to this, the community is able to capture everyone's reactions through likes and comments.

The collaborative spaces have met a strong demand for better collaboration between departments on cross-functional projects.

There were already a hundred or so, 18 months after the launch. In particular, they facilitate :

  • document sharing
  • project management (task management)
  • information organization (Wikis).

Open communities have sprung up, to facilitate mutual support, bring teleworkers together, or simply exchange ideas in "café du commerce" mode.

Team messaging soon proved essential. Not only did they enable us to exchange information in a group conversation, but they also enabled us to maintain our social ties, with webchat echoing the "corridor discussions" of the face-to-face environment.


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