Discover the new features of JPlatform 10SP6, the new version of the Digital Workplace foundation!

The new JPlatform 10SP6 version of the technical foundation at the heart of Jalios Workplace is available. Highly anticipated by our customers and partners, this new version includes over 190 improvements and 20 new features. Discover it now!


New notification management: less noise to be more efficient

There's no excuse to be overwhelmed by notifications anymore. Simplified settings, with the ability to create rules directly from a notification, allow you to choose which types of notifications to receive on which channels (email, website, SMS, webchat, etc.) based on their level of importance (information, action, warning) and their domains (recommendation, workflow status change, etc.)

This ensures that the notification center is regularly emptied and does not consume resources unnecessarily: it is these little things that together make digital usage more responsible. In the same vein, JPlatform 10SP6 now supports the zerocarbon initiative which fills in an expiration field for notifications sent by email.


Application Launcher: Deploying new apps becomes a breeze

The Jalios application launcher is very powerful and allows customization at three levels: organization, team and individual. Thanks to its powerful rights management, it allows you to push and limit access to the organization's various applications to only those people who need them, according to their profile.

With JPlatform 10SP6, when a new application is added to the catalog, it is now possible to choose users and groups for whom the application will be automatically added. This way, they benefit from it more quickly from their personal application launcher!


Multilingual site: a simplified daily life for contributors

Jalios natively supports multilingualism: a main language is defined for the site, but also for the different publications. In a multilingual environment, when a publication is created, the main language is now the user's default navigation language. This saves precious time for the contributor!


And many other evolutions

JPlatform 10SP6, it's a total of more than 20 new features, 190 improvements and 300 fixes, to allow :

  • More advanced capabilities for an even more personalized experience
  • Optimized interfaces for smoother user experience
  • Simplified administration for greater autonomy and efficiency


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