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Atol CD accompanies the digital transformation of its clients with the desire to be a player in their success. Our collaborators put technology and their expertise: design and development of web or mobile business applications, connected object platforms, open source GIS expertise, EDM, BPM, RPA, decision-making, big data... at the service of our customers' business needs. Design, development, operation, Atol CD offers a 360° approach, from the user experience to the outsourcing of your applications

Our dematerialisation division works alongside local authorities, public bodies and companies in their digitalisation process in order to improve the efficiency of information systems for users, agents and citizens. As the leading Alfresco integrator in France, we offer business modules to accelerate our clients' projects.

Why partner with Jalios?

"Atol CD is France's leading integrator of the Alfresco EDM solution. We offer our customers a platform for optimizing their document processes. With the Jalios partnership, we are now in a position to offer a collaboration and exchange portal that is highly complementary to our current offering, enabling us to optimize collaborative functions and the access and enhancement of certain document repositories from the collaborative portal..."

Jean-Philippe Porcherot  Jean-Philippe Porcherot, President of Atol CD



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