Facilitate the organisation of work in hybrid mode and manage attendance at different workplaces

Whether before or since the health crisis, hybrid working is becoming more and more a part of our daily lives and managing the presence of employees from one site to another, by department, in teleworking or in mobility is increasingly complicated.

How can we organise ourselves if we never know whether our colleagues are teleworking? How can we help managers manage their teams so that face-to-face time is conducive to cohesion? 

With the JWork attendance planning application, facilitate the organisation of work in hybrid mode by allowing employees to plan their presence in the various possible workplaces and support the organisation of hybrid work. 


Employees: a simple and intuitive solution to better organise themselves and inform of your presence location

"What day to come to the office this week? "This is the question that is increasingly being asked by employees for whom hybrid working is becoming the norm. This way of working is becoming a must in most companies, and some employees are ready to leave their company if they don't have the freedom to do it regularly. Organising this hybrid work is therefore a crucial issue for HR teams and managers to improve productivity and simplify daily life.

Facilitate the organisation of hybrid and multisite work with a dedicated space directly in your digital workplace where your employees can quickly and simply plan their presence by half-day, by week, by month. Your employees will be able to know who is present where, whether they are teleworking, mobile, on holiday or travelling.

The employees themselves will know who of their colleagues are teleworking, on site, on the move, and will be able to better plan their days of presence and organise their personal work accordingly: a colleague on the move, teleworking or in the office next door is not contacted in the same way.


Managers: Manage and optimise the presence of your teams on site or remotely for greater cohesion and productivity

"Where is my team this week? When should we organise our face-to-face time? "is the recurring question from managers. Hybrid work changes the way managers organise themselves, they can no longer do as they did before, either in their management methods or in the organisation of their teams' work. Support them in managing their teams by giving them access to a general schedule by day, by team, by workplace and by employee. Managers will thus be able to organise the presence of their teams and make the most of their employees' face-to-face time.


Office managers, executives : Centralized information to better analyze the occupation of your premises and adapt them

How to adapt the workspace? The massive implementation of teleworking and the installation of hybrid mode often requires the reorganisation of premises and the respect of certain new standards. With a quick take-up of information, define filling gauges for your rooms/places/sites to enable booking and check compliance with certain imposed modalities such as anti-covid regulations.

Display general statistics by period, by site, by teams and access the occupancy rates of your different workplaces, the percentage or number of your employees teleworking or on the move: thus take the necessary steps to organise your premises in the best possible way and manage the flex office efficiently.


A complete and intuitive tool to simplify the daily life of employees

With the intuitive JWork attendance planning application, directly integrated into your Digital Workplace, save your employees time:

By allowing them to plan their presence in just a few clicks: setting up favourite locations, planning attendance locations by half-day, day, week, month with the possibility of applying recurrences.
By offering them the possibility of viewing the presence of their colleagues according to what interests them: by location, by department, by employee, by day...
Display the location of the day on the employee's profile sheet and automatically fill in the days off in the presence schedule.
Thanks to a weekly and/or daily alert system, remind your employees who have not planned their work locations and ensure that everyone indicates their presence locations.

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