Girls in Tech- Ep 1 - Meet Emilie and Syrine, Developers at Jalios

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On the occasion of March 8, 2022, International Women's Rights Day, we would like to highlight two female Jalios employees who work at the heart of the company's activity: research and development.


Syrine and Emilie are two development engineers in the Jalios R&D department and in this interview they describe their daily lives, their missions and the reasons why they wanted to join the Jalios adventure.





Aurélia : What made you interested in this profession? 

Emilie : My interest in this profession began in my scientific final year. I chose "Computer science and digital sciences", a field I knew absolutely nothing about, to discover the world of computer science and software development. This choice turned out to be very beneficial for me as it allowed me to find my voice and I decided to continue my education in this field. So I continued my education in a DUT in computer science and then I joined the ISTY engineering school, like Syrine.

Syrine: That's my father!   He was a computer engineer and when I was little, I often saw him working with his PC, fixing bugs and I always dreamed of becoming like him. For my studies, I did a Baccalaureate in Computer Science. Then, I got an Applied Licence in Computer Science, specialising in Software Engineering and Information Systems at the National Engineering School of Carthage (ENICarthage) in Tunisia. Then, I did 2 years of engineering cycle in Tunisia and to do the equivalence in France, I finished the 2 years of engineering cycle at the ISTY.


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What attracted you to Jalios to join the adventure ?

Emilie : First of all, I liked the product and the services offered, but not only that: I also really appreciated the fact that it was a human-sized company with a warm and friendly atmosphere. I was keen to join a company where everyone knows each other. From a more technical point of view, Jalios was able to offer me technologies and missions that corresponded to what I was looking for.

Syrine : As far as I'm concerned, it's the application I was going to work on: I arrived as an intern and I had to develop a hybrid application, on Android and iOS, which was new for me and I also enjoyed using the phone's native functionalities and also discovering the different phases of the project (planning, development, testing and deployment in the stores).

The good atmosphere, being autonomous, the desire to improve the application and make it evolve, that's also why I continued my adventure at Jalios with a professionalization contract and then a permanent position.



The world of web development is often imagined as a very male world. How does it feel to be a woman in tech ?

Emilie : In my opinion, this is absolutely true, and to see this, you only need to count the number of women in R&D at Jalios: 4 out of 24. You can also see this a lot on the school benches. Women didn't even make up 10% of my class. Nevertheless, I hope that this percentage will increase, because I have the impression that the world of web development is slowly attracting more and more women. Even though we are rare to work in this field, I feel like I belong and it goes down very well with my male colleagues at Jalios.

Syrine : I read in an article that sometimes, and it's unfortunate to say this, but being a woman in a male team is often synonymous with having to prove yourself over and over again in terms of your technical skills and finding your place in a team. It's extra stress and pressure that can impinge on the work/private life balance and it can also push some women to give up their jobs. On the other hand, this is not the case at Jalios, men or women, in tech, it's the same thing, we're all the same. There are no differences, and that's a good thing.


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What makes you thrive at Jalios ? 

Emilie : At Jalios, I have the chance to say to myself that I love the product that I develop, which motivates me even more. Working at Jalios gives you the chance to work on a "trendy" tool. What I also like about my job is starting from scratch, then gradually adding features, having the satisfaction of seeing the applications evolve and knowing that they are being used and that they are popular. I also like the atmosphere in the teams and the fact that the company is on a human scale, which is pleasant.

With Covid, teleworking became the norm and it is still very much present today. Although physical contact with colleagues is very important, I appreciate having the opportunity to telework. This works very well at Jalios. It's easy to get in touch with colleagues and to talk to them.


Syrine : It's true that it's nice to get feedback on what we program, and what I like about my job is the satisfaction and feedback from our customers to improve the product. I also like the autonomy and independence I have in my daily life, and the flexibility that telecommuting brings.

I am an R&D engineer at Jalios and also a mother of a little girl. Teleworking allows me to spend more time with my daughter, I'm lucky enough to be able to drop her off at 8.30am at the nursery. Before teleworking, it was 7am to ensure the journey. It's also a way of having more free time for myself.


Aurélia : Thank you for answering my questions, Syrine and Emilie!  It makes me want to know even more about your daily life at R&D and the applications you develop. We'll talk about it again in a future post.


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