2021 results: Jalios' interoperability and multi-cloud strategy wins over the market

Le Chesnay, 12 January 2022 - For its 20th anniversary, Jalios has once again closed a year of growth with €10.3M in revenues. Always profitable since its creation in 2001, the publisher continues its development on its own funds and proves once again its financial solidity and its capacity to innovate and respond to the challenges of the Digital Workplace market, by maintaining its product strategy based on interoperability and the multicloud.  
Jalios offers three editions of its Jalios Workplace solution to meet the needs of its customers: a hybrid edition with Microsoft 365, another with the Google suite, and the Liberty edition which offers a complete sovereign alternative. With more than 1.8M users, Jalios is the leading publisher in the French market for the Digital Workplace and Social Intranet.
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Growth driven by the cloud and multicloud

With growth driven by the Cloud (+50% in 2 years), the year 2021 was marked by a sharp increase in the use of Jalios solutions to reach more than 1.8M users.
More than forty new customers, including INSEE, FNAIM, the Briand group, Socomec, the Saint-Pierre town hall and the Financial Market Authority, have chosen Jalios' solution to meet their communication, collaboration and knowledge management needs. In addition, Jalios customers have continued to deploy the solution to a growing number of users. For example, the French State Digital Directorate (DINUM) has grown from 2,000 to 97,000 users in 3 years and has more than 7,000 communities on its interministerial collaborative platform powered by Jalios and migrated in 2020 to the SecNumCloud secure cloud operated by 3DSOutscale.
"Our multi-cloud capability appeals to our customers because they retain control of their cloud infrastructure (Jalios cloud, private cloud, Azure, 3DSOutscale, etc.). It guarantees them compliance with increasingly stringent requirements with regard to the security policy of their Cloud services and their Cloud infrastructure purchasing strategy.  Underlines Xavier Masia, Director of Operations at Jalios

Interoperability to meet market needs

Jalios' major asset is the native richness of the solution, in particular its collaborative, content management and information sharing features. And what convinces the market is its interoperability: it allows it to be a real user cockpit, bringing together in one place all the tools needed to work efficiently on a daily basis. It includes video-conferencing tools such as Jitsi, Teams, Big Blue Button, Zoom and Glowbl, real-time co-editing tools such as Microsoft 365, Only Office, Google Doc and Collabora, and instant messaging tools such as Teams and the Jalios Horizon webchat. The Jalios marketplace has many other connectors with Universign, Box, Redmine, Alfresco, etc. offered either by the publisher or by its partners.
Interoperability is at the heart of the technical architecture based on JServices. These make third-party components interchangeable and enable Jalios to offer three editions of its product: the first is dedicated to the Microsoft 365 suite and optimises its use, the second completes the Google suite, and the third, called Liberty, is a functionally complete European and sovereign alternative.
"With these three editions, we are pursuing the strategy we have always had: to respect and support our customers' choices by adapting to their information systems and providing them with innovations that are useful on a daily basis," emphasises Vincent Bouthors, CEO of Jalios.

Jalios Workplace: a ready-to-use digital workplace

The brand new version of Jalios Workplace released in September 2021* The guided tours in particular now make it easier for users to get to grips with the Digital Workplace by providing them with integrated and adapted help on each page. The new version of the news management system makes it easier for communicators to manage their internal communications on a daily basis: with fine-tuned and intuitive planning and distribution parameters, communicators can share the right information with the right people at the right time.
 "For the development of Jalios Workplace, we focused on the user experience, use cases and persona paths. For example, for communication managers: to simplify their day-to-day work and ensure their autonomy and control over their Digital Workplace," explains Olivier Dedieu, Jalios R&D Director, who promotes this user-centred approach for greater simplicity and ease of use.
This new user-friendliness is beneficial both for adoption and for the speed of deployment of projects, especially in the case of cloud subscriptions, as Jean-François Pellier, Jalios Sales Director, points out: "With a ready-to-use cloud solution, we are making our solution accessible to more organisations, especially those that want to move faster without going through an implementation project. This does not prevent them from going further with advanced configuration or additional modules.

Jalios committed to sovereign and responsible digital technology

Celebrating its 20th anniversary on the collaborative market, the French software publisher is also strengthening its position as a major player in the Made In France market by being listed in the SOLAINN platform and in the GouvTech catalogue. As announced in a joint press release in reaction to the announcements of the French President on the "delay" of the sovereign cloud and the Interministerial Director of Digital Affairs on the "non-compliance" of Microsoft 365, the Jalios Workplace Liberty offer is a solid and proven sovereign cloud alternative to GAFAM.
This year sees the publisher commit to a Responsible Digital approach. As part of the Digital Workplace Days conference "Towards a hybrid and eco-responsible telework" organised in May 2021, the publisher mobilised its ecosystem on this theme, giving the floor to its customers, such as the Brittany region, the first region in France to obtain the Responsible Digital label, to its partners and also to experts in the field, such as Greenspector, a specialist in the efficiency and energy-resource performance of digital services.
At the end of the year, Jalios gave concrete expression to its commitment by signing the Responsible Digital Commitment Charter, thereby formalising its NR certification process with the Lucie agency.
"Green IT is a subject that we have been following internally for years. With the NR certification process, we are adopting a structured approach that gives us a global framework for reflection and access to a community of committed players, including our customers and partners, so that together we can multiply our collective impact," summarises Hoang-Anh Phan, Marketing Director at Jalios.

About Jalios

Jalios has been the French leader in the Cloud and On-Premise Intranet and Digital Workplace market for 20 years. Jalios helps its customers to make their organisation more efficient and everyone's work more fulfilling, whether in the office, at home or on the road.
Its solution, Jalios Workplace, creates links and enables efficient and sustainable collaboration.  It is available in three ready-to-use editions to provide a complete digital work environment (chat, video, office automation, EDM, communities, etc.) adapted to its customers' technology: either in hybrid with the Microsoft or Google suites, or as a sovereign alternative with the Liberty edition.
By unifying communication, collaboration and knowledge management, the solution gives employees, partners, customers, members and suppliers the means to work and succeed together. Modular, extensible and highly customisable, the solution is used by its customers not only for their social and mobile Intranet, Digital Workplace, but also Extranet, Social Network, collaborative platform, document and knowledge management and Digital Learning.
Jalios currently employs more than 70 people who are curious about and passionate about innovation, and relies on a network of recognised partners to support more than 400 clients, from SMEs to major accounts, in the public, private and associative sectors, including: Caisse des Dépôts, SFR Business, Keolis, La Redoute, Système U, the French Ministry of Labour, the French Ministry of Health and Solidarity, MACIF, the Yves Rocher Group, and numerous towns, departments and regions.
For more information: http://www.jalios.com and on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/jalios
Contact: Aurélia DOSTERT - Press Relations Manager
communication[at]jalios.com - Tel: 01 39 23 31 16

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