Jalios commits to the Responsible Digital labeling process

Launched in 2008, the Responsible Digital Label issued by the Lucie Agency aims to reduce the social, economic and environmental footprint of digital technology. Jalios has chosen to join the labeling process in order to formalize its Responsible Digital approach in a 360° structured approach thanks to the label's reference framework, designed by the Institute of Responsible Digital in partnership with the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition, ADEME and WWF.


Jalios joins the Lucie community to reduce digital impact

By signing the Responsible Digital Label commitment charter, Jalios joins the Lucie community, which brings together organizations (companies, associations, government agencies, local authorities) that are committed to reducing the impact of digital technology.

This charter covers 4 points: implement a responsible governance and strategy, lead and support the responsible digital approach, act on the entire life cycle of services, extend my responsible digital approach.


A demanding level 2 label specific to digital companies

After initial training on digital issues and how to take them into account in the company, Jalios began a very specific self-diagnosis process and preparation for a full audit of its entire value chain: corporate strategy and governance, communication, equipment, purchasing, hosting infrastructure, research and development, commercial construction, services and stakeholder engagement.

All these themes are organized around the 4 generic axes of the label and an additional axis specific to digital companies:

  • Axis 1: Strategy and governance
  • Axis 2: Support for NR strategy
  • Axis 3: Lifecycle of digital services
  • Axis 4: Extending the NR approach
  • Axis 6: Digital products and services

With this labeling process, Jalios is aiming for the level 2 label, which will continue with a commitment to continuous improvement of its Digital Responsibility approach over the next three years.


Jalios is already a responsible digital player within its ecosystem

In addition to this certification process, Jalios is also involved in raising awareness internally and externally of the challenges of responsible digital work. Thus, as part of its Digital Workplace Days conferences, now in their 4th edition, Jalios gives the floor to its partners, customers and experts in the field of responsible digital technology to provide answers and share feedback:

  • Keynote: Dare to use digital responsibly in the office and at home
  • Round Table: Digital Workplace and Responsible Digital
  • Expert workshop: What practices for responsible digital use?

Jalios is also publishing the second part of its Ebook Telework and hybrid work "Which way to responsible digital work?

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