Hybrid work and remote work: 6 daily challenges

63% of employees are in favour of flexibility between remote work and in the office work and 38% are ready to leave a job that does not allow them to work remotely. How to adapt to it and meet the challenges it brings?

New challenges are therefore becoming part of your employees' daily lives: access to remote tools, maintaining social links, organising attendance.... How can you meet these challenges to remain as effective as possible together, at a distance, on the move, and in the office?





*D'après le monde informatique.

Challenge #1 - Having access to your daily tools when you are out of the office

Even with a laptop, there is no guarantee that your employees can access all the tools they need remotely.


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Whether on the move or at home: the Jalios digital workplace follows you wherever you go

Offer your employees a single point of access to everything that is useful in their daily work at the office or at home: business applications through a customizable application launcher, office automation tools, document management, knowledge base, task management, instant messaging, videoconferencing, e-mail, directory, communication, etc.

Take advantage of the Jalios Workplace mobile application, available on Apple and Android, to continue accessing your tools on your mobile.


Challenge #2 - When not on site, knowing who to contact and how to get in touch with them

In the office, you can simply call out to your neighbour. When not in the office, it's more complicated!

mceclip2 - 2021-12-13 15h08m37sJalios Workplace unified directory

Quickly find a person based on their skills or contact information. Access their enriched profile and contact them directly by video, chat, or phone in one click thanks to its many integrated connectors: Teams, Zoom, Jisti, etc.


Challenge #3 - Knowing who among your colleagues is in the office or working from home

With some people back in the office and others teleworking, it's not easy to know who is where, or how to contact colleagues?


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Attendance planning application

With Jalios Workplace and its presence planning application, help your employees plan their presence in the office or at home. Organize hybrid work and flex office by giving visibility on where everyone is working.



Challenge #4 - Take a break and go to the coffee machine together

When working from home, we don't necessarily propose to take a break together to have a coffee. Many informal exchanges no longer take place, exchanges that are essential to maintain social links.


mceclip0 - 2021-12-13 15h25m26sSecure webchat application 

With Jalios Workplace and its secure webchat application, restore spontaneity to exchanges and save your employees time on a daily basis by offering them a way to interact instantly, even from a distance:

  • either in 1 to 1 or in chatrooms.
  • Guarantee the continuity of exchanges in the office, at home and on the move, on PCs and mobiles.
  • Secure exchanges by avoiding public chat applications.

Encourage informal exchanges thanks to a news wall where everyone can post "micro-blogging" and interact easily. Bring a social dimension to your Digital Workplace by allowing users to share documents through comments, likes and recommendations.


Challenge #5 - Don't fall into infobesity

When working remotely, your employees are connected and much more solicited for information through different channels, in all directions and on a lot of subjects that do not necessarily concern them.


mceclip4 - 2021-12-13 15h11m05sPush the right news to the right people at the right time

Make sure the right information gets to the right people by pushing information that is relevant and useful to them, when and where they want it. Offer searches by topic, author, date, alerts and subscriptions to topics of interest to them. Use "Newsflashes" to highlight urgent information that all your employees will see when they connect to their Digital Workplace.

Jalios Workplace becomes your employees' customizable cockpit. On their home page, they will find information related to their profile, their job and their needs.



Challenge #6 - Dealing with emails quickly

At the office, e-mails are already time-consuming enough to deal with, but they are even more so at a distance when you are looking for information scattered in endless e-mail exchanges.


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Reduce the number of emails sent

Integrate your emails with the Jalios Digital Workplace thanks to the Office 365, Exchange, G Suite, Zimbra, Bluemind, Lotus Notes, etc. connectors.

Above all, use your Digital Workplace to limit the number of emails sent internally, thanks in particular to the Jalios collaborative EDM:

Unify and manage your documents easily using drag and drop
Co-edit documents directly in your digital Workplace
Recommend, comment on and like documents directly without editing them, thus capitalising on exchanges.

No more document transfers, no more un-capitalised return trips, and no more time-consuming searches in your email history: exchanges in the Digital Workplace are easily found thanks to the unified search engine.




Jalios enables you to meet each of these challenges by making your day-to-day work effective, both in the office and at home. Its Jalios Workplace solution, available on a daily basis, remotely and on the move, provides secure access to content, tools and people by creating links and meaning.


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