How to create employee engagement with Jalios Workplace ?

65% of employees are said to be disengaged, and a disengaged employee costs the company more than €14,000 per year (*). Faced with this challenge, how do you create employee commitment?

We propose 7 levers of employee commitment which aim to provide each employee with the conditions necessary for their professional development. From internal communication to HR departments, including business departments and the users themselves, everyone has a role to play. Find out how the Jalios Digital Workplace allows you to play on each of these levers to create and strengthen the commitment of employees in their daily lives.



Clear and structured information

Making clear, structured and meaningful information available to all your employees saves them time: they find the right information, which concerns them, in the right place. They know better where they are going and they also feel better taken into consideration because their company's communication is adapted to them, and not the other way around.

    • Offer your users a customisable home page, with structuring models by profile, and the possibility of setting their own content parameters.

    • Create dedicated sub-sites for profiled communication to groups and professions and give the professions autonomy over their specific communication.

    • Promote efficient top-down communication from the home page of your Digital Workplace thanks to the News carousel.

Transversal and bottom-up communication


A company's communication should not only be top-down, it should also take into account the opinions, needs and feelings of its employees: you need to know how to take the temperature and listen to your employees in order to pass on the information.

  • Offer social interaction in your communications: in the articles of your company newspaper, allow your users to "like" and comment on them, to share their ideas and give their opinions.

  • Conduct internal surveys to question your users.



Mutual aid and collaboration

Even more so since the generalisation of hybrid work, it is necessary to maintain the link between employees: they need more than ever to collaborate, to exchange, in a more or less formal way. Encouraging mutual support and communication, even at a distance, is an important lever to take into account: recreating forums for exchange, replacing the coffee machine and face-to-face exchanges, facilitating teamwork and collaboration on specific subjects: all this is possible with Jalios Workplace.


  • Collaborative spaces: create communities around themes and projects, with collaboration structured within the spaces: members' activities, content, conversations.
  • Instant conversation: the Jalios Workplace instant chat allows you to access individual conversations and discussion groups by room for quick exchanges, with a social dimension: post reactions to messages, animated gifs, invite members, trigger a video-conference in one click, etc.



A digital workplace is only used if your employees are interested in using it: making them more autonomous in their daily work is a significant lever for the adoption of your digital workplace and will improve the commitment of your employees:

  • Develop the autonomy of your users by providing access to all the tools of daily life:
    • Document repository with document preview.
    • Powerful search engine to find what you need at the right time.
    • Application launcher and its catalogue to find the right application


Valuation and recognition of employees

Value the skills of your employees by giving them recognition to develop their confidence and, in turn, their commitment to the organisation:


  • Provide access to a unified directory: to identify skills within the organisation through a multi-criteria search,
  • Offer enriched profiles for each employee, giving access to all the necessary information and allowing to get in touch and propose directly from the profile a video, a chat, an e-mail...,
  • Conversation spaces for proposing an idea, asking a question, posting a topic on a forum.


Flexible working conditions

The hybridization of work modes with the generalization of telework with more or less high regularity can raise concerns about a negative impact on an employee's commitment to his or her company. Let's look at the problem the other way round, considering that an employee will be grateful to his company if it offers him flexibility in his working conditions, for this reason, equip yourself with a Digital Workplace allowing your employees to work correctly and efficiently from a distance, on the move, on smartphones and tablets:

  • Give remote access to documents: co-editing on documents, recommendations by notification of documents to a collaborator, possibility to comment on a document without modifying it,
  • Give remote access to collaborative spaces, instant chat,
  • Give access to all daily applications.
  • Facilitate the organisation of hybrid work: by allowing you to manage the presence of your employees in different workplaces thanks to the presence schedule.


Belonging to a group

Develop your employees' sense of belonging so that they feel more committed to their common goal:

  • Create E-learning courses
  • Launch Employee Advocacy to turn your employees into ambassadors for your organization: they can easily share pre-configured content on social networks with a few clicks
  • Thanks to Jalios Workplace's collaborative spaces, do on-boarding or even pre-boarding, give access to specific spaces to newcomers





Jalios makes it possible to activate each of these levers simply and intuitively; through the use of its Jalios Workplace solution, available on a daily basis, remotely and on the move, which provides secure access to content, tools and people by creating links and meaning.


The Jalios Workplace collaborative platform supports and reinforces your HR strategy to boost employee engagement.


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