Sovereign Cloud: 8 French players set themselves up as an alternative to Microsoft 365

Paris, 18 October 2021.

Following the French President's announcements on the "delay" of the sovereign cloud, 8 key players in the industry, representing more than 3 million users announce that they now have a solid and operational alternative to the Microsoft 365 suite, which was recently declared "not suite, which was recently declared 'non-compliant' by the Interministerial Director of the of Digital Technologies.


logos cp Atolia, Jalios, Jamespot, Netframe, Talkspirit, Twake, Whaller and WIMI announce that they are able to offer a credible alternative to the software suite offered by Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365).

These French digital companies, all of which already work for public bodies (administrations, local authorities), are marketing (administrations, local authorities), are marketing alternatives to all the services provided by Microsoft by Microsoft: messaging, word processing, chat, videoconferencing, document storage, etc.

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