Facilitate brainstorming with the Jalios "Mind Maps" application

logo Application Mind Maps JMind Do you have a lot of ideas in your head, but have trouble seeing them clearly, organising them and sharing them? The new Jalios "Mind Maps" application now allows you to integrate the mind mapping technique into your daily Digital Workplace. Used in various fields (R&D, Innovation, Communication...) it is a powerful visual management tool to graphically represent ideas, their hierarchy and their interconnections.

The Jalios "Mind Maps" application is a social and collaborative solution for mapping ideas on themes or projects.


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A visual tool to improve communication and understanding within teams

Mind maps help to capture the attention and maintain the concentration of teams on a specific topic.

By capturing ideas at the pace of proposals and exchanges, it is the creative part of our brain that is called upon, allowing us to apprehend information in visual form, which is easier to understand and memorise.

Jalios offers various graphic elements such as colours, fonts and images to improve the structure of the information and the appearance of the map and thus facilitate the identification of the elements essential to any topic. By structuring ideas visually in this way, it is easier to analyse and remember them.


An intuitive, simple and collaborative solution to work on your projects wherever you are

Multiple users can edit a mind map simultaneously and have access to numerous editing features to easily capture, present and organise information:

  • Add, delete, rename or style a node
  • Simple drag and drop movement
  • Zoom in, zoom out and view in full screen
  • Add smileys, notes, links, images, ...
  • Capture, import and export your mind maps in Freemind format
  • Dashboard view to see the latest published maps
  • Explorer view to browse the different mind maps
  • Etc.

The mobile version of the mind map application allows you to access and modify the mind maps of a team, even from a distance or while on the move.


With the Jalios "mind maps" application, facilitate brainstorming and information capture with an intuitive and visual tool for representing ideas. Support your employees in managing their projects by enabling them to establish a global vision of a project and to structure it.  Make it easier to understand and remember information and make thinking more natural and learning more effective.

Add to this all the native sharing, rights management, multi-categorization, unified insertion and conversation capabilities of Jalios Workplace and the application will soon be one of your favourites to gain individual and collective efficiency!

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