Jalios Workplace Liberty, the sovereign, multi-cloud alternative from Jalios

Le Chesnay, September 14, 2021 - Jalios, the leading French provider of Cloud and On-Premise Intranet and Digital Workplace solutions, unveils its new multi-cloud and sovereign offering, Jalios Workplace Liberty. Jalios Workplace simplifies the day-to-day life of employees in the office, at home and on the move, by unifying in a single place digital communication tools (intranet, newsflash, blog, etc.), collaboration tools (videoconferencing, chat, communities, etc.), business processes (documents, tasks, business applications, etc.) and knowledge management tools (FAQs, guides, training courses, etc.). Available as a Cloud subscription, the multi-cloud solution allows its customers to use the cloud infrastructure of their choice, and thus strengthens their digital sovereignty, particularly with its Liberty edition, which is based entirely on the native applications of the editor and French and European partners.


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Stay connected and communicate securely.

Among the new features included in Jalios Workplace, the new version of the news management application makes daily life easier for communicators. It enables them to design their editorial space independently (layout, font, colors, etc.), plan their publications, preview them in real time, manage rights, visibility, classification, validation workflow, etc. On the reader's side, the application is like a dynamic company newspaper, where employees can browse the news according to their profile or according to the themes they subscribe to.

Jalios Workplace thus reinforces internal communication and employee commitment, which are also supported by news flashes, blogs, micro-blogging, conversations (forum, idea box, collaborative FAQ), comments, likes, polls and surveys, the Employee Advocacy application, etc.

Also included in Jalios Workplace, Jalios secure enterprise chat combines fluidity and security for exchanges with one or more people, thanks to its native integration with the corporate directory and the Digital Workplace authentication system, continuity of conversations between computer and mobile on the Jalios Workplace application available on Android and iOS, and total control over message storage.   

Jalios Workplace Liberty also includes a complete video conferencing solution thanks to Jitsi, as well as document co-editing based on OnlyOffice.

"As we have seen with the crisis and remote working, internal communication plays a major role in maintaining social ties and employee commitment. And if the stakes are high, the means remain limited.  It is therefore essential to make their daily lives easier and enable them to publish engaging content, distribute it to the right people and create internal relays as efficiently as possible," emphasizes Guillaume Ratier, Jalios Workplace Product Manager.


Simplify daily life and improve the employee experience.

Jalios Workplace is also positioned as an operational asset for organizations in the face of the convergence of uses and the multiplication of dematerialization tools and the growing complexity of the employee's digital environment brought to light by remote working.

To simplify the daily life of employees, Jalios Workplace benefits from all the new features of the JPlatform 10SP5 base, in particular the recycle garbage can and reinforced security of public links, but also the Jalios application launcher, which can be fully customized at three levels: at the organizational level to maintain a complete catalog of applications, at the department level to present only those applications that are relevant to a given job, and finally at the individual level to enable employees to organize their applications as they see fit, and which can be found on their cell phones.

The project spaces, integrated task management (planning view, kanban view, list view, etc.) and document management included in Jalios Workplace enable intuitive and agile team management. The request management application offers a simple and effective way of dematerializing paper processes internally.

Finally, Jalios Workplace enables communities of practice to be run thanks to its collaborative monitoring application, the support of wiki pages and tutorials, and goes further into learning with the knowledge management and sharing application and microlearning, social learning or blended learning courses. This is a particularly relevant use for integrating newcomers and facilitating their development of skills, even from a distance.


Leverage the benefits of the cloud and multi-cloud.

With its Jalios Workplace offering, distributed as a Cloud subscription, Jalios accelerates both the implementation and the use of its solution. Implementation is almost immediate, using a standard deployment script. The new guided tours that facilitate user on-boarding are now included in the handover process, which can be carried out entirely remotely with business users and without any technical pre-requisites.

This speed does not, however, call into question the high potential for customization, a key factor in the adoption of any solution. Jalios Workplace offers a high degree of customization without development: colors, logo, layout of portals, articles, navigation, etc. thanks to the various applications for managing the instance, managing articles, navigation, etc.

For more advanced customization requiring specific development, Jalios Workplace can be implemented in another private cloud infrastructure of the customer or Jalios partner.

The choice of cloud infrastructure can also depend on security requirements: this is the case with the choice of the 3DS Outscale cloud by DINUM (the French interministerial digital affairs department) to be in the SecNumCloud region. Jalios Workplace offers are also listed in the 3DS Outscale marketplace.

Whether cloud or multi-cloud, Jalios Workplace offers its customers greater control over their infrastructure and upgrade schedule, while retaining the flexibility to scale up in the event of rapid organizational growth.


Enabling sovereignty through the hybridization of solutions.

The Liberty edition of Jalios Workplace is based on native Jalios functionalities and those of French and European partners such as Bluemind, OnlyOffice, and Apitech, which operates Jitsi, and thus guarantees its customers data sovereignty that is not subject to the Cloud Act for the scope of uses thus covered.

However, the solution's architecture remains open and extensible, so that it can integrate the tools of other potentially American players, whether for financial, historical or strategic reasons. In this case, Jalios Workplace provides partial sovereignty, which is nonetheless relevant and can be used depending on the sensitivity of the data handled.

This is particularly true of the JCall application, which facilitates videoconferencing and which, when included in Jalios Workplace with the Jitsi connector, can be integrated with French players such as Glowbl or TeachReo, which operates BigBlueButton, as well as American solutions such as Teams or Zoom.

"Respecting the DNA of our customers means adapting to their identity, culture and collaborative practices. It also means adapting to the tools they have chosen, supporting their digital and cloud strategy according to their agenda and not ours, and always making sure to offer alternatives. This is our vision of digital sovereignty and Jalios' mission to support it," concludes Vincent Bouthors, CEO of Jalios.


About Jalios

Jalios is the leading French publisher of Intranet and Digital Workplace solutions, both Cloud and On-Premise. Jalios supports its customers' digital transformation in order to make their organization more efficient and their work more fulfilling, whether in the office, at home or on the road.

Perfectly integrated with its customers' information systems, the Jalios Workplace solution is modular, extensible and highly customizable and is available in 3 editions: for Microsoft 365, for Google Workspace and an alternative and sovereign Liberty edition. The solution is used by its customers for their social and mobile Intranet, Digital Workplace, Extranet, collaborative platform, document and knowledge management and Digital Learning.

Jalios meets the needs of numerous organizations from SMEs to large accounts, in the public, private and associative sectors, such as the Caisse des Dépôts, SFR Business, Keolis, La Redoute, Système U, the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Solidarity and Health, MACIF, the Yves Rocher Group, and numerous cities, departments and regions.


Contact: Aurélia DOSTERT - Press Relations Manager
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