With JNews 2, your news is at the focus of your engagement strategy

logo module JNews gestion des articles 960X540 px Do you want to design your company newspaper in your colors and according to your editorial choices without having to ask the IT department? Do your employees complain that they are not aware of your company's news and do not feel involved? With its new editorial application JNews 2, Jalios offers you a turnkey solution to meet these challenges and simplify the management of your news on a daily basis!


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Design your news space independently

No more hours spent trying to layout an article by juggling between the back and front office of your tool, thanks to JNews 2, you can quickly and easily create graphically attractive articles with a live visual rendering. Thanks to the unified insertion picker, you can access in a few clicks all the resources and media of the Intranet and your images are directly inserted at the right size thanks to the automatic resizing
You can customize your colors, fonts, titles, subtitles, and easily manage formatting and insertions by simply setting parameters and drag and drop. No technical skills are required: you move forward at your own pace and in complete autonomy.


Plan and control your publication workflow

JNews 2 centralizes all your news management in one application and gives you the power to define your scheduling parameters and set up your custom publishing workflows.
Easily schedule your publications from the calendar view and manage specific editing, viewing or approval rights to simplify and encourage team contributions. Select categories and keywords to structure your editorial content and make it more intuitive to discover and read.


Push the right news to the right people

Make sure that the right information reaches the right people by pushing information that is relevant and useful to them: your readers can access all of the company's news in one place, they can easily search for a publication by filtering them by topic, by author, by date, they can subscribe to the topics that interest them and set the alerts that suit them.


Add to that all the native conversation, contribution and social engagement capabilities of Jalios Workplace and you have one of your best assets for creating commitment and getting all your employees involved in the organization's collective project!

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