Thanks to the "Guided Tour" application, accompany your users with customized guided tours

1. Make your employees your star influencers


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75% of internal transformation project failures are due to poor change management. You want your digital workplace to be a success? Focus on supporting your users and what better way than with guided tours directly in your platform? 



1. Help your users to get to grips with the Digital Workplace

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The "Guided Tour" is an application in the Jalios Digital Workplace that helps users get started with their platform by providing them with integrated, tailored and personalized help on each page of their Digital Workplace.

An essential tool for your intranet, digital workplace or collaborative platform, the Guided Tour helps you guide your users step by step as they start using their platform or discover new features.



2. Create your own guided tours.

When setting up a digital workplace, it is common to find yourself faced with users who do not have the same digital maturity. Some of your users will easily find what they are looking for, or how an application that is made available to them works, while others are less accustomed to these tools.


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You can customize your guided tours:

  • You can target where you want your guided tour to be visible: all pages, one portal among several, only one application, a category of users, certain types of publications... everything is possible to allow you to adapt to your visitors
  • Creation of the desired steps and writing of the displayed messages
  • You can also possible to analyze statistics on your guided tours: the list of members who started the tour, as well as the step reached.

To further enhance your users' skills, add tutorials to your guided tours using Jalios E-Learning.


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