Interview with Pascal Gayat, Operator of "Solainn" and organizer of the "Cas d'Or

On July 7, Jalios participated in the inauguration of the SOLAINN 250 standard, an opportunity for us to meet Pascal Gayat, who has been leading this initiative since 2020.

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As the leading French software editor for almost 20 years in the Intranet and Digital Workplace market, it was obvious for Jalios to be listed in this marketplace, which brings together 250 French companies. Can you explain what SOLAINN is and why this initiative? 

portrait pascal gayatPascal Gayat, Operator of "Solainn" and organizer of the "Cas d'Or

"Born in 2015, SOLAINN was created to connect public buyers and innovative digital companies. In 2018 it expanded to the private market and the more general digital ecosystem to allow decision makers and professionals in France, whether public or private, a complete sourcing of innovative digital products or services from French SMEs and ETIs.

I took over the management and development of SOLAINN in 2020 with the objective of making it the first repository of digital solutions fed by French actors. It provides companies with access to relevant business information in a secure environment. Each referenced company has its own company space to make available the commercial information it chooses and we guarantee that this information is only accessible to buyer or end-user profiles. The SOLAINN Platform is finally an answer to a basic need: to search for targeted information on suppliers or local solutions of the French digital ecosystem for a specific need when a search on engines is not enough."



Together with its customer, the Pas-de-Calais Department, Jalios also participated in the "Cas d'Ors du Service Public Numérique", another of your initiatives, last June. We are very happy to have received the prize for the departmental collaborative intranet. Can you tell us more about this meeting format, what you are trying to create with this type of event and the link with SOLAINN?

Pascal Gayat  : " I launched the "Cas d'or" meetings in 2017 to highlight use cases and operational successes of digital in France, carried by French customers. Since 2019, the spectrum has been opened to specific themes such as security or the public sector, with for the first time the highlighting of digital use cases in the public sector, a dynamic sector and a real companion see generator of innovation for years to come.

It is important that the actors of the French digital ecosystem talk to each other to make the French and European digital sector grow. We have demonstrated with SOLAINN and the Golden Cases that there are dozens of digital companies in France that have sales of more than 10 million euros, that are hiring, that are growing, the success of French digital exists well beyond the startup nation."


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At Jalios, we strongly believe in this partnership approach and in the collective intelligence that can emerge from such a community. What are your plans to continue developing this ecosystem?

Pascal Gayat  : " Indeed, on the market, there are on the one hand suppliers who need to be identified and on the other hand players who have many needs, for which it is sometimes necessary to provide interoperability. It may be necessary to set up technical and commercial partnerships to meet a broader and more complete need.

The solution lies in the hybridization of solutions, in the mastery of the digital value chain, through a well thought-out organization of the relationships and interdependencies between the solutions and the companies that support them.
My plan is to develop event-based initiatives around SOLAINN to facilitate connections and provoke marketing cohorts for major accounts, administrations and local authorities that will have to build or review their digital roadmap."


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