Which practices for a responsible digital life?

We must reduce our carbon emissions to meet the objectives of the Paris agreements (emission neutral by 2030). Today, our digital uses are exploding to the point where they will soon have a greater impact than air transport.

Yet 69% of French people want to moderate their digital use (*). Whether for personal or professional reasons, this approach requires support. 3 experts give us some keys to responsible digital use.

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3 experts give us some keys to responsible digital use. 

Meet our experts at the Digital Workplace Days from 18 to 20 May 2021.

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In a hybrid work context, why should we be interested in responsible digital work?

arnaud-100 Arnaud Rayrole, CEO of Lecko

Despite the deployment of the Digital Workplace, we still work mainly in email, sending multiple attachments, storing zombie documents in the cloud. At the same time, the remote working imposed in recent months has amplified the difficulties of controlling meeting times, containing message saturation, working cross-functionally, preserving disconnection times, etc.

In this context, working more efficiently and reducing one's environmental footprint go hand in hand, and so much the better. For example, moving away from email or better governing information would allow us to reduce our carbon emissions by 30% without much difficulty.

In the coming months, the need to rethink our working practices to adapt to hybrid mode is also an opportunity to be more digitally responsible.


What role can the Digital Workplace play in addressing the challenge of Digital Responsibility?

nicolas-100 Nicolas Georgeault, Director of Offerings and Innovation at ASI

The Digital Workplace can support a company's digitally responsible approach. First of all, through its means of communication and animation to raise awareness among employees, to share the strategy, the action plan, the good practices and the results.

Also, by facilitating collaboration to collectively rethink internal processes, products, services, tools and projects with a view to efficiency, sobriety and frugality, and a common objective of "doing better with less".

Why should digital responsibility be part of a more global CSR approach?

ocean-100 Océane Puech, ecological and social transition facilitator, co-founder of Greenscale

Today, the digital sector is responsible for as many greenhouse gas emissions as the transport sector worldwide, and this is not getting any better! Do you want to commit your organisation to a positive and sustainable impact? It is important to understand what the priorities and challenges are, with whom to act, how and when. To do this, setting up a CSR approach provides you with a guideline for action and progress on a daily basis.

Adopt a global vision of eco-responsibility for your organisation now!


To find out more, join Arnaud Rayrole, Nicolas Georgeault and Océane Puech at the expert workshop "Which practices for a responsible digital economy? "on Tuesday 18 May at 1.40 pm, and exchange views with them live.

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*Source: Arcep


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