What Digital Workplace strategies with Microsoft 365?

A successful Digital Workplace with Microsoft 365 means that the use of Microsoft 365 in the daily life of employees and in line with their entire digital environment takes off. And while the use of Teams has recently skyrocketed to a record 2.7 billion daily meeting minutes*, a Digital Workplace goes far beyond video conferencing.  


3 experts from ASI, Klee Group and Jalios answer our questions.

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What does hybridisation of platforms in an MS 365 world entail?

gildas 100 Gildas Guillet, Jalios offer manager at ASI

Digital Workplace projects encompass different services and content that have different values and usage modes. In this type of project, the hybridization approach is based on the observation that each platform can be used to manage distinct uses of a Digital Workplace, sometimes in competition, sometimes in complementarity.

Hybridization of platforms therefore consists of getting the best out of these platforms, and to do this, the right questions must be asked: which access point should be favoured? what level of licence do users have? how are services and content consumed? what type of collaboration? And many other questions on which we assist our clients.

What are the key success factors of a Digital Workplace for MS 365?

fabien couvert 100 Fabien Couvert, Project Manager at Klee Interactive

Three points seem essential to me. First of all, a framework is necessary before setting up a Digital Workplace: analysis of the existing situation, definition of the priorities for deploying the Digital Workplace functionalities (choice and recommendation of tools), and deployment planning (all or part of the population, all or part of the functionalities)

Secondly, user support before, during and after the launch of the Digital Workplace: communication, newsletter, gamification, quiz, survey, video, guide, webinar, sponsor, etc.

Finally, a user-centric approach: in a world where information is created in a multitude of tools and where search time is constantly increasing, it is necessary to provide the employee with effective support. The "user-centric" approach proposed by MS365 and Jalios provides an answer to this problem. This approach is based on the implementation of a personalised data access interface.

What are the synergies between MS 365 and the Jalios solution?

jml 100  Jean-Michel Lambert, AVV Manager at Jalios

Microsoft 365 and the Jalios solution are complementary. The Microsoft suite offers a whole range of very powerful off-the-shelf applications for individual and team use on a short time scale, whereas the Jalios solution will provide more cross-functional features at a collective level on a long time scale, in particular thanks to these communities.

It is essential to clarify uses and also to allow fluidity between tools. This is why we have a dedicated edition of our solution for MS365. This edition facilitates access to and integration of Outlook emails and calendar, Teams and visio, SharePoint sites, Yammer feeds, Streams videos, etc. We are also working on integrating directly into Teams for users who prefer this interface on a daily basis.


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*Source: Microsoft


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