What's new at Jalios in the last 3 months?



What's new

The Employee Advocacy application allows your employees to become your best ambassadors. Create a new dynamic of engagement with your employees by making your social network publications available to them so that they can share them in turn.

With the new ergonomics of the Conversation Spaces, set up ideation spaces, build your knowledge base and encourage collective ingenuity. The Blog application has also been redesigned to develop cross-functional communication and to allow everyone to tell their stories, share their news, and inform about the progress of a project or the news of a community.

New features are also eagerly awaited, such as : 

  • The Teams connector for JCall to facilitate the use of Microsoft video in context
  • The support of Microsoft Stream video in the Embed module to easily include them in all your publications
  • New features in Horizon webchat such as preview cards, custom sections, editing and deleting messages, etc.

Coming soon

Discover very soon the SP5 version of JPlatform10 with its lot of new features such as the recycle bin, the new management of public links, the indicator templates, etc. as well as the JNews2 application for an even more fluid management of your news articles!

To find out more, sign up for the dedicated webinar to be held on 30 April (webinar reserved for Jalios customers)

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