What is Employee Advocacy? 3 good reasons to use it

employee advocacy - 1693 out of 4 French people are registered on social networks. Among them, many of your collaborators will be hiding there. This is a real opportunity for you to create a relationship of trust with your audience. Indeed, while 90% of Internet users trust the content of their acquaintances, only 54% trust the content of a company page (*). So how can you use this unsuspected resource? 


1. Make your employees your star influencers

Employee Advocacy allows communication and marketing teams to push content to employees so that they can share it on their own networks. This feature increases your visibility and awareness thanks to the various shares of your employees, with a new audience. Your employees can enrich your posts with their personal expertise when re-sharing, doing social selling, while cultivating their personal branding.


2. An engine for your internal communication and employer brand

Do you want to improve your internal communication by informing your employees in real time about your organisation's news? Employee advocacy will allow you to push the information published on your networks directly to your employees. Events, press releases, new blog posts... They are informed as soon as they are published and highlighted in Employee Advocacy.

They are thus more involved in the news, but also in their new role as a player in your communication. Their actions have an impact and can be valued. A gamification system can be set up: the employee who has shared the most content and generated the most engagement will be rewarded.


3. Employee Advocacy: the natural extension of your intranet

Jalios makes it very easy to deploy an Employee Advocacy program, thanks to its application: you publish content from your various social networks directly on your intranet: Facebook, twitter, linkedin. Your employees can access it directly from their Digital Workplace and share it on their networks in a few clicks.

Finally, the application provides easily exploitable statistics. These key indicators inform you about the levels of content sharing and employee engagement, essential information for adapting the Employee Advocacy strategy.

Employee Advocacy is not only a new communication tool, it is also a way to create a sense of belonging, boost your internal communication, create trust among your readers, and improve your brand image with engaged employees.

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