2020 verdict: Jalios proved right in its strategy

LThe health crisis has pushed companies to go digital faster and has proved Jalios right in its strategy. 

Jalios ended the year on a high and has grown by more than 15%, as in previous years. The company’s financial stability, achieved using equity capital and funded by positive outcomes since it was created in 2001, means that it can keep investing heavily in R&D (30% of its turnover) and focusing on its product strategy. By doing so, it will strengthen its position as a key player and give a consistent and sustainable response to the needs of digitalisation, which has sped up due to the health crisis.


From intranet to digital workplace: produce results together and remotely

As Jalios’ clients were able to witness during the Digital Workplace Days, an online conference organised in June and December 2020, the company’s multi-purpose solution played a crucial role in managing the crisis. Soaring usage statistics for the Jalios platform – deployed as a social intranet, a digital workplace, an extranet, a collaborative platform, or a document and knowledge management system – show that, ever since the first lockdown, the solution has helped its clients stay in business and remain connected with all their employees, often in challenging circumstances involving imposed remote work.

The June edition of the conference, organised together with a dozen or so of the company’s partners, was among the first events of its size in the French digital landscape to have been conducted entirely online, with more than 30 sessions over 3 days, 500 registered individuals, and 300 participants. The 100% digital and collaborative conference made it clear that organisations need and must be able to speed up digitalisation and collective intelligence, which are two essential factors for leaving the crisis behind. Another benefit of the powerful ecosystem created by Jalios is its ability to bring to bear collective strengths and deploy a digital workplace cloud solution, quickly and for free, in order to help organisations set up and organise remote work as a matter of urgency.

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A momentum based on strategic partnerships: Microsoft, 3DS Outscale, Bluemind, Collabora, and more

Partnerships concluded last year with Bluemind, 3DS Outscale and Collabora have also strengthened the company’s buoyant ecosystem, which lies at the heart of Jalios’ outreach strategy. The latter shows the company’s willingness to work in a constructive manner with other players in the field of information systems. The goal is to make the digital workspace as appealing as possible given that it is a unique gateway to various methods of communicating, working together, seeking efficiency, and managing knowledge.

Building on these new partnerships – and older partnerships that are still very much alive, particularly with Microsoft and OnlyOffice – the French publisher has successfully divided its product into 3 separate offers:

  • The first is for Microsoft 365 users, which was relevant for groups such as Indigo and MAIF; they shared their feedback together with Microsoft during a round-table discussion on digital workplaces strategies for Office 365.
  • The second is for Google Workspace users, such as Système U and the French Red Cross, which shared their experience during the Digital Workplace conference organised by the CIO, the information and guidance centre.
  • The third solution is for organisations that wish to rely on internal or open-source solutions, for example DINUM (the French Inter-ministerial Directorate for Digital Affairs), whose platform called Osmose meets the objectives of cross-departmental cooperation and addresses the challenges linked to the digital sovereignty and security of SecNumCloud-certified regions.


Leading developer of cloud and on-premises solutions

The company’s most recent clients (including Action Logement, ASP, Bodet SA, Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance, Cegos Formation, the City of Reims, the Paris Primary Health Insurance Fund, the French National Laboratory of Metrology and Testing, and the Fire and Rescue Service for the Allier, Landes and Vendée departments) have embraced the fact that Jalios is able to meet all their needs. There is more to it, however. Jalios has also adapted to their information strategies, which go beyond challenges linked to communication and collaboration and often involve the organisation’s business and operational aspects.

Jalios has seen a significant increase in the demand for its cloud solution, which has doubled in two years. This shows that the market is becoming more mature as regards outsourcing applications and that the company’s multi-cloud offer is highly relevant because it meets the cost-effectiveness and security requirements involved. As the publisher’s strategic focus for many years, its cloud offer matches the company’s growth thanks to heavy investments in both R&D to support ongoing innovation as well as operations and support teams (customer success management).

Jalios successfully helps more and more organisations with their cloud strategy. Nevertheless, the publisher remains one of the rare players that do not impose one on their clients, instead offering sovereignty of choice thanks to an on-premises solution. According to Jalios, every organisation is different and must therefore tackle different technical, organisational and financial challenges. The publisher’s goal is to help them make the most of their digital workplace – a digital transformation vector at the heart of and in line with their strategy and information system.

"Against the background of the health crisis, the way in which Jalios strives to help organisations makes even more sense. One the one hand, the company wants to keep them in business and help them maintain social connections remotely. On the other hand, its goal is to strengthen their information systems and support their digital transformation strategy by allowing them to consolidate communication, collaboration, business processes, and knowledge management in one place," says Vincent Bouthors, CEO of Jalios.

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