Practical information

This catalog presents you the certification offer proposed by the team of the Professional Services(Departments). We stay in your listening for the analysis of any complementary(additional) need.

You can contact for that purpose the Certification team.

Phone: 01 39 23 10 08
Email: certification@Jalios.com

Certification program

Certification Jalios comes in 3 profiles: administrator, Developer and Operator.

For that purpose, we propose 2 formulae:

  • Inter-enterprise certification (regular sessions in our premises)
  • Intra-enterprise certification (in the premises of our partners and/or customers)

Certification courses

Administrator certification 
Intended for futur administrators of editorial / functional spaces or moderators of collaborative spaces / moderators of spaces of conversations

Developer cerification
Intended for the designers of Jalios sites and for future functional administrators of the platform.

Operator certification
Intended for technical administrators/Architects/Developers of Jalios platform

Calendar of certifications

Administrator : december 9 / january 13 / …
Developer : december 15 / january 19 /…
Operator :  december 16 / january 20 /…


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