Jalios and BlueMind partnership: a European alternative for managing emails and calendars in the Digital Workplace

Jalios, the leading publisher of Digital Workplace and collaborative solutions, is proud to announce its partnership with BlueMind, the publisher of collaborative business messaging and unified communications solutions. This partnership will allow users of the Jalios JPlatform to take advantage of a French open source alternative to traditional messaging solutions.

Building on the email (JMail) and calendar (JCalendar) modules of Jalios JPlatform, the BlueMind module allows you to benefit from the many email service and calendar management features in the Jalios Digital Workplace, including:

  • Email: 
    • Email display in the topbar
    • Notifications for new emails
    • Import of emails and attachments
    • Mark as read/unread, follow/unfollow
    • Mark as Spam/not Spam
    • Create a task from an email
  • Calendar: 
    • Calendar display
    • Creation, visualization and modification of simple or recurring events
    • Meeting planning with time slot proposal
    • Move events with simple drag and drop
    • Display events of other collaborators or a group of collaborators
    • Create tasks from an event
    • Reserve Digital Workplace resources (meeting rooms, materials, etc.)
    • Create and associate a group calendar to a collaborative space



BlueMind provides a modern, collaborative, simple solution that is a true alternative to the standard collaborative messaging solutions, notes Olivier Dedieu, Technical Director and co-founder of Jalios. “With this module, emails and calendar events are enriched with information and interactions in the Digital Workplace. Exchanges with collaborators are done directly and simply in the Digital Workplace, and information is more free-flowing and better leveraged, even if it originates from an email or calendar event. The collaborators then have access to emails and events that are “enhanced” by the richness of the Digital Workplace to simplify their daily work.”


Vue agenda 


“Business messaging is the 1st external (and often internal) communication channel of organizations. The integration of BlueMind with Jalios will decompartmentalize the information in messaging (emails and calendars) and reuse it in the Digital Workplace. Messaging is the oxygen of communications! But it is not the right tool for storing documents or knowledge! BlueMind was designed with the principles of openness and strong scalability to achieve the type of interface and enrichment achieved with Jalios,” explains Pierre Baudracco, the CEO of BlueMind. “Jalios is the ideal partner and the standard for offering our customers a comprehensive work environment, respecting their digital sovereignty and their users’ habits. We are very proud of this collaboration.

This partnership is fully consistent with Jalios’s strategy of sovereign offers. “This solution from France is in line with our sovereign cloud strategy. Choosing BlueMind offers a comprehensive and proven French solution and offers an alternative to Exchange or even Google solutions to work efficiently in our Digital Workplace,” comments Jean- François Pellier, Sales Director of Jalios and partnership manager. “BlueMind and Jalios are responding in particular to a growing demand from government departments, local authorities, and public agencies seeking a comprehensive work environment, combining Digital Workplace and collaborative messaging, and thus guaranteeing these organizations the complete control of their data.”


About BlueMind

BlueMind is a complete unified enterprise messaging and communications solution. BlueMind offers any type of organization the choice of sovereign messaging compatible with their users’ habits. With BlueMind, keep the Outlook client without impairment, and use Thunderbird, web, or mobile clients in a rich and collaborative manner. BlueMind offers a definitive, open, and sovereign solution to the monopolized messaging market.

To find out more: http://www.bluemind.net an on Twitter @_bluemind

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