Jalios awarded the HappyAtWork label for the 4th consecutive year



Following its participation in the major European survey on motivation at work, Jalios is, for the 4th consecutive year, winner of the HappyAtWork label, the participatory employer label rewarding excellence in management and employee motivation.

81% recommendation rate

With a participation rate of nearly 66% and a recommendation rate of 81%, Jalios obtains an overall score of 4.26/5, increasing each year.
Note HappyAtWork

Pride and a stimulating environment

The employees expressed themselves anonymously and in all sincerity on 6 dimensions: professional development, stimulating environment, motivation and management, salary and recognition, pride and pleasure. Above all, they said they appreciated at Jalios the pride in the product and the stimulating environment, allowing them to develop in a positive atmosphere.
Vincent Bouthors, co-founder and director of Jalios is delighted : "We are all the more proud of these results because the survey took place during the containment. All our employees were able to telework and maintain links in a variety of ways. This is very satisfying. »

Numerous vacancies

Jalios is recruiting a wide range of profiles: R&D engineers, consultants, IT technicians, sales staff... If you want to work in a stimulating and innovative environment, join us!

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