Containment, an opportunity to accelerate its digital transformation


The Digital Workplace is Jalios' core business: a single point of access for employees and a platform that can be accessed anywhere, in the office and on the move, to address the challenges of communication, collaboration, efficiency and knowledge management.
With containment, we see the full power of the Digital Workplace. Internally at Jalios because we are our first customers: no load or bandwidth problems, even the people who came to the office every day were already using this same Digital Workplace. Our customers too have shown how useful this Digital Workplace is for organizing their teleworking in the current context.
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A Digital Workplace now!

So yes, we can congratulate ourselves on being useful, but we can also ask ourselves: why don't all companies already have such a Digital Workplace?
A question of priority, a question of budget too. And maybe it's also a question of perception: a Digital Workplace is complicated, you have to make time available for this type of project. And finally our customers and partners regularly testify to this, it is also the perspective of change, because Digital Workplace projects are as much human as technological projects. The technical solution is there, customizable at will. The challenge is then to support people to work differently.
The good news is that the current crisis context can help remove some of these barriers.

Getting to the essentials, the basis of agility

With containment, it becomes a priority to allow teleworking. Many tech players are mobilizing to offer free offers. This is the case of Jalios with its free JCloud RED offer.
As for the complexity of the project and the time to be devoted to it, there is no miracle. The solution is to get to the heart of the matter first, see how it goes and take it from there. That's the basis of agility and that's what we recommend: small steps and quick-wins. Bringing immediate value to employees. A natural approach to dealing with emergencies.
Finally, the constraint of containment will make it possible to "work differently" that might have seemed impossible before. As for change support, our partners are also mobilized to help you, free of charge, to launch the movement and disseminate best practices.

Rebounding through the crisis

We are going through difficult times that challenge us all and force us to think differently. Let's use this "break time" to come out of it stronger, faster and better at what we might have liked to do before. And above all, let us choose what we will take away from this crisis and thus prepare ourselves for the challenges that are sure to follow.
If you want to seize the opportunity of the moment to deploy your Digital Workplace and thus accelerate your digital transformation, then you can count on Jalios and its partners.

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