Teleworking: How to manage your teams on a daily basis?

We have been working from home for over a week now. In these times, communication and collaboration are more than essential to stay together, even at a distance. Let's take advantage of this time to strengthen our teams' ties and review our working methods. With the help of our little tips, learn how to manage your time and that of your colleagues.  

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Social bond and benevolence: two inseparable allies

Because before being a manager, you're mostly human! Be more flexible with your employees. Be a moral support on a daily basis and make yourself available. The social bond that unites your team must be maintained and even strengthened.
Develop collaboration by creating a Collaborative Space for your teams. Rediscover the atmosphere of the office in a digital environment. You will be able to list your different projects; deposit your documents; maintain the service calendar and follow the activity of the members of the space. If you need advice, for the progress of a project, you can ask a question to all the participants via the "Conversation" application. In this way, everyone will share tips and tricks and strengthen the collective spirit.
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Organizing my teams 

Telework does not lead to a total cessation of activity, but rather to a restructuring of operating modes. So make sure that none of your employees are overloaded or, conversely, lacking in tasks. Maintaining an activity makes sense in the employee's daily life, which is all the more true in a long period of teleworking.
The Jalios JPlatform solution allows you to organize your employees' tasks to keep a regular work rhythm. Using the JTask application, structure your team's tasks. You can assign and order each person's tasks by field of application, deadline and priority. Your employees will thus have a clearer view of their new tasks.
The collaborative platform also offers you new opportunities to communicate. Hold team meetings via video conferencing with the Jitsi tool. You will thus contribute to the maintenance of the social contact of your collaborators and will be able to take stock of the situation of each one.
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Communicating better to federate

Over the past few days, communication and collaboration have taken on a new meaning. Beyond the distance, it is essential to maintain the social life of your company. Develop a real . Share content and interact with your colleagues using a likes and dislikes system. Express yourself on the "wall" of your platform thanks to microblogging.
Even from home, breaks between colleagues are essential to keep motivated. Recreate the atmosphere of the coffee machine in a dedicated discussion group and encourage exchanges.
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Collaboration above all!

Take advantage of slower activity to encourage your employees' training. With the help of solutions such as Digital Learning, involve your employees in the life of your company. You will be able to create knowledge paths and develop the skills of your teams. The "Knowledge" application teaches you how to capitalize on the knowledge of each individual on your social intranet and to disseminate it to as many people as possible.
A new way of working to learn, more than ever, how to work together effectively. Take care of yourself!
Jalios and its partners are working for you!

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