All mobiles with your Digital Workplace in your pocket

Whether you are looking for an internal mobile application, a social intranet or a Digital Workplace, Jalios adapts to your needs and gives you a head start with its new JMobile offer.

All mobiles

Mobile is now used by most of the employees in your organization.  In 2019, 71% of the population owned a smartphone and there were nearly 2 billion mobile application downloads in France according to a Hootsuite study.
Long seen as dedicated to nomadic employees, corporate mobile applications are now aimed at everyone, especially those who don't work on a computer, such as "blue collar workers". They are also eagerly awaited by the generation of "digital natives" who wish to find the equivalent of social networks where they remain very active. Your employees' smartphone becomes a gateway to your social intranet.
JMobile adapts and addresses itself to all your users. Easy to access this application is available on iOS and Android. It offers you full rebranding flexibility as the classic web component of your Intranet. You will be able to appeal and create a sense of belonging to a maximum number of users by customizing your application to your image.

A new lease of life for your internal communication

Do you want to boost your internal communication by providing the right information to the right people? With JMobile create more engagement by
 pushing personalized information.
Your employees will have access to a welcome portal with corporate news, as well as field information, all according to their profile.


They will have access to the functionalities that are the strength of the Jalios offer. You will be able to highlight targeted news thanks to news flashes and make your company newsletter more dynamic by personalizing it for each one. Comments with a mention, "likes" and recommendations will add a social dimension to your Intranet and involve users even when they are on the move. JMobile also provides access to collaborative services and business applications. Your Intranet becomes the heart of the Digital Workplace.
Enabling access to your company information and business applications in transport or waiting times saves time and gives a more personal perspective to the Digital Workplace. It also creates a new commitment, a new bond between employees, who will no longer be able to do without it!

Gain flexibility

With JMobile benefit from a hybrid, original and economical approach: a JMobile - Blogticket 3 mobile application that
 is essentially based on web technology. No more need to develop an expensive dedicated application. Jalios gives you the upper hand with a rapid, economical and easily modifiable deployment.
You provide your employees with a ready-to-use application that can be adapted to their needs. With an application available on your organization's internal appstore and on the Apple and Android download platforms, your employees can install it easily and take it over immediately.
Your users will gain flexibility and efficiency thanks to the ease of use of their mobile collaboration platform, which they can use anywhere, anytime.
To find out more, participate in our workshop on Thursday 28th May at 11am "Reinvent internal communication with your own mobile Digital Workplace application" at the Digital Workplace exhibition in Paris.

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