Digital technology at the service of the Walloon Public Authority

Jalios was present at Municipalia, a trade fair for agents in Wallonia, alongside its client, the University of Liège, on 13 and 14 February. Find out more about the event and our client.




Municipalia, the purchase of the Public Authority

Municipalia is the event of the major actors of the Local Authorities in Belgium. It brings together a wide range of start-ups and companies from all sectors offering an innovative service for the well-being of the citizen.  

Two days where the elected representatives of the Municipalities were able to attend numerous conferences, discover the latest innovations in terms of digital, urban planning and other services, and thus develop their public policies.  

Jalios in collaboration with the University of Liège

A first for Jalios, which was present alongside its client and partner, the University of Liège (ULiège), one of the region's main employers.

ULiège has been using and developing the Jalios collaborative platform for 15 years now. The Service Général d'Informatique (SEGI) produces for the University and the CHU of Liège 250 inter, intra and extranet sites on 3 JPlatform instances.

The principles of optimization, industrialization and services rendered are clearly evident here. Aline Henrion, who leads the technical team and manages these projects, says: "Today, with the site-to-site factory capacities offered by JPlatform, we can build some sites in 1 day. »

These two days were an opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in the teams, partners and users of the software produced by SEGI (SIRH Ulis and Pénélope). The SEGI team, led by Didier Korthoudt, welcomed partners, representatives and visitors with kindness, dynamism and professionalism. ULiège's notoriety generated an important flow of visitors on the stand, which favoured meetings and the continuous sharing of good practices. 


It was also an opportunity for them to discover the new Jalios products in terms of mobility, integration of Office 365, G Suite and OpenOffice tools. 


Live Feedback

On the stand, Quanah Zimmerman, Director of Communications at ULiège noted: "Before I came to ULiège, I didn't know Jalios. I was struck by our ability to create so many sites easily and by JPlatform's flexibility to meet our needs". 

Beyond the satisfaction of meeting a happy customer, it forces us to continue our efforts to bring new services with JPlatform. A great way to collaborate effectively with customers.

Many thanks to ULiège for this partnership which proves once again that collaboration is the key to the success of your projects.




We look forward to Municipalia 2021 where our new customers from the Belgian community will strengthen the ties with ULiège.

Meet us soon at the Digital Workplace Trade Show in Paris from 26 to 28 May.

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