With the Jalios ESN module, create a sense of belonging and strengthen employee involvement.

logo-modules-esnWith the Jalios ESN module, organizations create a sense of belonging and strengthen employee involvement. They are able to bypass organizational and hierarchical silos to encourage exchanges between different professions, departments or services. Everyone can share knowledge, find resources or information more quickly and be more productive.



When to use this module?

Does the geographical spread of your employees on distant sites create a compartmentalization and serve the strengthening of links within the organization? Do you need to federate and bring people together, highlight them, involve and motivate them? Do you need to organize and facilitate knowledge transfer and sharing of good practices? 

The Corporate Social Network is a support to professional communities to improve exchanges between employees, maximize their monitoring or stimulate the creativity of the company collectively. This module contributes to increasing employee productivity by promoting knowledge sharing. It pools the company's resources, saves precious time in searching for information and in business intelligence.

The module goes far beyond the simple need to share information between communities and individuals. It enables cross-functional communication by making information more fluid. The information is relevant because it has been shared by an interesting profile.

What does this module offer?

The ESN module is based on four main features of Enterprise Social Network:

  • Profile management
  • Follow-up of activities
  • Management of expertise
  • Relationship Management


Key Features

  • Rich profile sheet
  • Status / microblogging
  • Skills Management / Expert Directory
  • Acceptance of ESN Terms of Use
  • Activities of a member, space, activity wall
  • Usage analysis
  • Dedicated smartphone view
  • Filtering by activity types, working area

Competency management

  • Possibility for each member to define his skills. The branches or the tree structure of the competences are declared simply with categories. 
  • Possible integration with HRIS solutions to retrieve members' expertise and automatically fill in their profile sheet.


Members' activities

Activity Tracking presents the activity (publishing a document, adding a comment, a question, etc.) of the members of the network of the connected user. It is possible to react directly in the activity flow by, for example, sharing a comment or voting content.
A person sees activities only in the respect of rights management
The flow of activity appearing in the custom desktop can be configured by each user.
The activity flow of a space goes up the activity of the collaborative space and is configurable by one of the space's animators. 

What our customers like

The simplicity of finding a resource 

According to the organization's internal policy, each employee can fill in his or her skills and career path, add his or her CV and introduce himself or herself. This is the internal linkin. It becomes possible to search for people according to their skills, crossed with other criteria such as geographical location. This enhances the value of people and their skills.  



Integrated user experience

Whether it is on the common activity wall, that of a space or a member, the user can react directly on the content uploaded in the activity, vote, comment or recommend to colleagues. This facility increases the exchange of information and therefore productivity. The uploaded activity concerns all types of content (FAQ, discussions, Article, Document, etc.). 
You can declare forms that are added in the status entry area (microBlogging) to facilitate the sharing of a web page (business intelligence), consult, react or launch a discussion, an idea or a question, participate in a survey. This module integrates perfectly with other modules (Chat rooms, Poll, JMag, etc.).

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