With JDrive, access and work on your documents from your devices with complete peace of mind: they are automatically saved and shared on your Jalios digital workspace. 

logo jdrive 200x150-1-06With Jalios JDrive, access and work on your documents from your PC, tablet or mobile phone with complete peace of mind: they are automatically saved and shared on your Jalios digital workspace. 

When to use this module?

You are updating documents, but your colleagues are still using old versions? Or are you on the move and haven't thought of downloading the latest version of the sales presentation? Are you tired of spending your time downloading, saving, dragging, dropping, copying, pasting, validating, etc. with the sole aim of keeping a backup of your documents on the server and sharing them with your team?

With JDrive, your documents are automatically modified, saved, synchronized and, if you wish, shared with your team in your Jalios digital and EDM workspace in just one click.

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With version 4.4 you can now configure the name of the JDrive synchronization directory associated with the JPlatform site that will be used for all users.

And for newly synchronized documents, you can now enable read-only directly from the JDrive client pop-up window.


What does this module offer?

JDrive provides 2 features that enrich the electronic management of documents on JPlatform. These features can be used together or separately.

  • The first feature allows you to keep an automatically synchronized copy of the documents added to the JDrive on your workstation.
  • The second feature allows you to open and modify documents directly from the platform.

Document synchronization

When a document is added to the user's JDrive, JDrive takes care of :

  • Automatically synchronize the document in both directions
  • Detect update conflicts
  • Display JDrive status icons of files (synchronized, locked, private, new document, etc.).

When a category (folder) is added, JDrive performs these operations for all the documents associated with this category.

The document in the JDrive gives access to a "Jalios JDrive" contextual menu, allowing:

  • Display the corresponding document directly online on the site.
  • Modify the metadata associated with the document on the site.
  • To lock the document
  • To recommend it
  • To indicate a major update of the document
  • Enable read-only, so as not to take the edit lock on the document.

When a user adds a document to his JDrive locally, JDrive automatically uploads it to the Jalios site:

  • Either in the document space associated with the local path of the file created, or in the document space associated with the local path of the file created
  • Either in the user's private JDrive

JDrive's app view allows you to manage all the documents in it. The Discover JDrive app guide introduces you to the JDrive app.

Editing and updating documents

When the user clicks on "open with JDrive" from a document on the Jalios site, JDrive automatically :

  • Creating a local copy and automatically opening it with the appropriate editing software on the workstation.
  • Updating the document on the site when the user closes the editing software and if the document has been modified.
  • Deleting the local copy (unless the document has been added to the user's JDrive)

Other JDrive client features

The use of JDrive requires the installation of a JDrive client on the user workstation. The JDrive client also provides the following functionality:

  • Pop up JDrive accessible from the taskbar
  • JDrive Explorer and JDrive Search
  • JDrive capacity/quota indicator
  • JDrive connection status indicator (Disconnected, Authenticated, Synchronized, etc.)
  • JDrive action history
  • Choosing the JDrive root location
  • Managing Jalios sites and login identifiers

The JDrive client is also available on the AppStore for iPhone and iPad.

You can also find the main functions of the JDrive by following the JDrive 3 path.


What our customers like

Comfort of use

Changing documents is really just one click away. Adding and removing from the JDrive is also one click away. If the document is in my JDrive, then it can be used as if it were permanently on my computer. No more need to ask me if it is up to date locally and on the server.

If I am logged in then a lock is automatically set when I open the document, unless I choose read-only. And if I am not logged in, then as soon as I log in, JDrive detects and warns me if there is a conflict between multiple people updating the document. No more worrying about putting or releasing locks. I no longer have the anxiety of losing my job.

Duplicate-free documents always in their place

From the site, I have a direct link to the document in my JDrive, and conversely, from my JDrive, I have a direct link from the document to the site.
I choose the documents I add to my JDrive and organize them locally as I want. I can also add and synchronize an entire file tree identical to the server tree. 

Mastering the choice of editing software

For office documents, JDrive works equally well with Microsoft Office and Libre Office. It allows me to work with external people who don't necessarily have the same editing software as me. And JDrive is not limited to office software, I can also use it for other types of files such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Autocad, etc.

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