Win time and enjoy it - Seminar around productivity in Gengenbach

Why should we even save time?

Rationally speaking, "saving time" seems to make little sense to some people: after all, life expectancy is much higher than it was a few years ago. However, the point is to save time in the right places. To do this, it is important to consider where there are ways to save time at all. In these places, research should then be carried out into how efficiency can be increased, because efficiency ultimately means that individual tasks require less time - and so time can be saved.

What possibilities are there for saving time?

In the lecture, many possibilities have been mentioned that make it possible to save time. For example, the right setting of priorities and objectives should be considered first. Afterwards, it helps to check your time management. Everywhere in the office lurk time-eaters that can be eliminated so that you can use your working time better.
Improving task management can also save you valuable time every day. Finally, one should observe at which times there is the highest level of concentration, for example.

There are many tips, tricks and tools to help you do all this. These can be digital helpers, such as a document management system, a task management system or good e-learning, but also procedures such as the Eisenhower Matrix. These areas were then concretised for the participants using the Jalios tools.

After an hour full of knowledge about how to save time, the participants exchanged ideas about change management, e-learning and other everyday topics.

The evening was rounded off with a wine tasting at the Gengenbach Weinmanufaktur, where three delicious wines and knowledge about regional delicacies were presented. So the time gained could be enjoyed directly afterwards!


At this point we would like to thank all participants! If you too are interested in learning more about productivity and time saving, just contact us at

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